Why Should Your Business Have a Facebook Page? Part 1 of 2

It is the dream of every business to have hundreds of thousands of customers view their wares on a weekly, maybe a daily, basis. Then the dream expands and those hundreds of thousands of customers tell their friends about the business within minutes of visiting it, maybe even seconds… They even include actual images from the business itself, representing its best offerings in the style and with the logos and colours by which the business wants to be known. But wait! This is not a dream. This is the reality of a business with a Facebook page. From there it gets even better. The benefits of being on Facebook are almost incalculable!

Imagine customers streaming into your business and bringing not one or two of their friends, but maybe hundreds at a time! When your Facebook page design is brimming with attractive product and service images, those customers are going to start clicking the “like” links everywhere! And one of the benefits of being on Facebook is that those clicks are going to show up on the Facebook page of each and every one of the friends linked to your customers. Not only that, but another of the benefits of being on Facebook is that the friends of the friends of your customers will be notified of those “likes” as well. A cascade of links, tipping together like a trail of dominoes; all leading back to your business! And that’s just the beginning…

When you optimise your Facebook page design with text links as well as visual links, you have the entire internet working in your favour! With Facebook SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) your keyword rich copy and industry pictures will help put your business in the public eye with extraordinary regularity. Nothing is generic. Nothing is left up to chance. Having a Facebook page for your business is participating in a truly genuine venue for the Twenty-First Century!