Online brand management is a key tool for both online and brick-and-mortar organisations. A Google plus business page offers another social platform to influence power users, and build better brand recognition through live video streaming and hangouts. It is a great addition to other online opportunities like Facebook or Twitter.Much like the school playground, only a few people decide what is popular on the internet. These power users have large numbers of friends and followers that will spread the word about any company the user shares. Sharing breaking company news or new promotions on Google Plus will reach these users and their circles.

With Google hangouts, companies can add to their company culture. Hosting live video chats with experts or company employees lets customers put a face on online organisations. More importantly, these type of company-client interactions greatly strengthen a brand.

Perhaps most important of all, Google has included easy to use monitoring tools in Google Plus. These metrics can identify how customers view a brand and who is being affected by the company’s venture into the social networking world. With this information, a brand management professional can identify the most effective way to reach out to customers, and it can identify how to turn a social networking platform into a powerful conversion tool.