What is Organic Search?

Aside from word of mouth, there are generally three ways that people will find your business online: link referrals, pay-per-click advertising, or organic search results.


Of these, organic search is perhaps the most important – it certainly offers the best return on investment. But what actually is an organic search?


Let’s take a look…

What is organic search?

Organic search is sometimes referred to as natural search. In a nutshell, it is unpaid search results. Unlike paid search results (the sort that come about through pay-per-click [PPC] advertising) which are generated using a search engine’s auction system, organic search results show up based on a range of factors including:


  • Relevance: are the user’s search terms reflected in your website content and optimisation?
  • EAT: Does your website demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness?
  • User Experience: Does your website provide a great user experience? Is your site easy to navigate, are pages working correctly and are you providing engaging content?

Google’s organic search results are made up of the page’s url (or breadcrumbs), the blue clickable link called a title tag and the black text underneath called a meta description. The text that shows in the organic search results can be created specifically by you or your SEO company, or, Google may generate it using content from the web page.

Google organic search results

How do I improve my organic search results?

The key to getting more organic searches for your site lies in a high standard of SEO. Improving keyword relevancy, providing a great user experience, generating stronger backlinks, and building your domain authority all help to direct natural traffic to your site. These are all things that a competent SEO strategy can help you build upon.

How long does it take to improve my organic search results?

There is no quick fix for increasing your volume of organic searches – the process is a marathon, rather than a sprint. The SEO techniques that can lead to better organic search results take time to seed in. How much time depends on the quality of your SEO and how niche your particular industry is, but generally, it can be up to 6 months before you see noticeable and consistent improvement. If you need to start generating traffic instantly, it may be worth investing in a PPC campaign while you wait for the organic optimisation to start generating a sufficient amount of traffic.

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