What is on page SEO

If you’re trying to get your website to the top of Google, one of the most important areas to focus on is on page SEO. As the name suggests, on page SEO is the improvements made to individual pages on the website in order to rank higher.


Here are just a few of the most important elements of on page SEO.

Title Tag

The title tag is, perhaps, one of the most vital updates you can make in relation to on page SEO. A title tag is a line of code that explains to Google what the page is about, the services you’re promoting or the products you’re selling.


You may not realise it but you will already be familiar with the title tag; it’s the blue link you click in Google search results.

Title tag

A well written title tag combined with other on page optimisation can yield fantastic results.


Badly written tags, keyword stuffed tags, and duplicated tags can, however, have completely the opposite effect. Badly written tags can cause Google to index your website in the wrong search results, keyword stuffed tags can cause you to rank lower as Google will think you’re trying to manipulate the system, and duplicated tags could see your pages omitted from search results completely, being seen as duplicate pages.

Meta Description

The meta description is similar to the title tag, it is a line of code displayed in Google search results that essentially acts as a call to action.

Meta description

A well written meta description provides additional information that convinces the reader to click, this can have a positive impact on your search engine rankings by signalling to Google that your website is relevant to the keywords typed into the search bar.


A well written meta description also makes your company appear more professional in search results.

Header Tags

Header tags are titles that are visible within the page content; ranging from a header 1 tag to a header 6 tag. The higher the tag, the more it indicates to Google that the content is important.


For example, the header 1 tag is the most important tag and should be used once on the page and include your most important keyword.


H1 tag

An example of a header 1 tag (also known as H1), is highlighted in the image above. This is the main title on the page, explaining the service we’re offering to the reader whilst also telling Google that SEO Starter Package is an important keyword for this page.


The remaining header tags can be allocated to headings and subheadings to improve readability and inform Google of additional, supporting keywords.

SEO Copywriting

Content has always been an important part of SEO but over the last few years, its importance has become even more of a focus with the introduction of E-A-T guidelines. E-A-T guidelines are used by Google’s quality team to assess whether website content demonstrates expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.


Google aim to provide results that are highly relevant and beneficial to their users, so including quality content that focuses on user-experience is essential.


Working with a professional SEO copywriter means you can include your main target keywords in a natural way, benefitting from improved search engine rankings as well.

Image Optimisation

By including images with your page content, you break up the content and make it more visually appealing. Unfortunately, having lots of high-quality images on the page can reduce the loading speed of your page. Google rewards sites that have a fast loading speed, so ensuring your images are optimised is an important part of on page optimisation. Paying careful attention to the file size and type is one way to keep your pages loading quickly.

Another important part of image optimisation is using descriptive file names and image alt tags. These elements provide additional information to Google about the products or services on offer, helping you to appear in relevant search results.

These are just a few of the on page optimisation techniques we include in our SEO packages.

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