What Does a Copywriter Do?

As Google continues to roll out new algorithm updates, their focus on quality content is growing. Gone are the days of companies appearing at the top of search engine results with badly designed websites containing a string of keywords and no actual content!

Google aims to provide high-quality search results that are informative to website visitors and demonstrate the knowledge and skill of the writer. As a business owner, you may have the knowledge relating to your products or services but communicating it in a way that complies with Google’s guidelines can often be problematic, so many companies choose to outsource their content creation to a professional copywriter.

What is a copywriter?

In basic terms, a copywriter is a professional writer. There are many different types of copywriter specialising in different types of content creation; some may focus on one form of copywriting whilst others work across multiple types.

Offline copywriters create content for a range of materials including brochures, leaflets, posters, and printed ads. Digital copywriters create content for online use including website pages, blogs, email marketing, paid ad campaigns, and press releases.

What does a copywriter do?


To create the best and most accurate content possible for a copywriting client, the copywriter will begin by carrying out thorough research on the topic they are writing about. Whether it’s a product description, category page for the website, an informative blog relating to a product or service, or even a technical specification, it’s essential to gather as much information as possible.

Some clients choose to send over links to articles they like for the copywriter to use as inspiration. Other clients like to send over their own notes and hints for finding the most relevant information. All of this information helps the copywriter to better understand the subject they are writing about and create an article that is accurate and knowledgeable.

An SEO copywriter will also research relevant keywords to include in the content, ensuring that they are included in a way that is natural. Many SEO companies optimise existing content or create new content around keywords, so it appears keyword stuffed and doesn’t read well. You may have already visited a website that offers to provide ‘the best SEO Leicester’. An experienced SEO copywriter understands that search engine’s value high-quality content and take all of the content into account, so as long as all the words are included in the sentence, they don’t need to be together.

Content writing

Once the research has been completed and notes have been taken, it’s time to start writing the content.

An SEO copywriter will usually aim for at least 350 words to provide the best results, however, if the content is informative and high-quality, there really is no limit on the number of words.

An SEO copywriter will also check the keyword density to make sure certain terms and phrases aren’t being under or overused. Not using keywords enough in the content can cause lower search engine ranking due to lack of relevance but overuse can negatively impact your ranking by making you look spammy. Finding the right balance will help to boost your online marketing results.

Image sourcing

When creating the content, most copywriters tend to have an image in mind that sums up what they have just written. Some copywriting clients like to have a few options to choose from so the copywriter will source them from free to use or stock image sites. Other clients prefer to source images or provide their own company images.

Content editing

After the content has been created and the images sourced, it’s time to send everything over to the client for approval. Sometimes, a client may ask for changes to make it more specific to their requirements or to remove any information found during the research that doesn’t apply to the products or services they offer.


Once the content has been approved, the copywriter will go ahead and upload it to the relevant location.

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