Video Testimonials and The Power of Job Applications

Have you ever wondered about the potency of Youtube and other video directories and how you might harness their power to deliver you great seo for your website?

It’s an interesting thought, but what about getting your customers to give you a written testimonial and getting it put onto video? Upload that video to the video directories and … bingo! … you’ve created effective links from some of the largest players in the social media playground.

We’ve had great success for our customers doing just that, but take a look at this website that uses videos to help graduates from college and university get work. What a clever, creative use of social media marketing to gain a toe in the door of your future career.

Grad Parade’s student web services is the perfect place to get your CV, gallery of work, or indeed anything that will make the tiny difference between you and the next applicant, the job.

We think you will agree that all student’s could do with getting online with their portfolios, grab summer jobs, or perhaps gain that dream job.  Making it simple to get a website up and running – so easy a child of 10 can do it – you will soon be uploading photos, information, CV’s … where does you imagination take you?  Get your student on the ladder now … at Grad Parade!

Oh, and if you’ve gone beyond the graduation stage and you’d like a video testimonial for your business, take a look at our video testimonials to grab your own slice of social media power!