The History of SEO and Web Videos / Video Production Services: Part One of Two

In our visually driven society, presenting a business through a well done promotional video is never a bad thing. Video production costs have decreased to the point where web videos are within the budget of the smallest of businesses or start ups, and virtual presenter and video production services are well within the reach of everyone as well.

However, before the Google Panda update, having too many web videos on a web site actually hurt the search engine optimisation of that site. A virtual presenter or promotional video could not be picked up by a search engine spider, and so the trade off was either
a)have a promotional video or virtual presenter and appear professional to the few people who find you
b)eschew the video production company and web videos with the virtual presenter in favour of better search engine optimisation.

This was definitely a lose lose situation. Now, however, with web videos showing up on their own search results page, having a promotional video is actually the best way to get noticed by the major search engines. Web videos have finally come full circle on the web, and there is no longer a downside to hiring a video production company for all video production services, or having a web site with a promotional video and virtual presenter.

The Benefits of Video Production with a Virtual Presenter

We have, by now, all seen the web videos with a virtual presenter – the well spoken, attractive, smiling spokesperson who seemed to draw you into the video production almost before you knew what was happening.

You may have thought about using a virtual presenter in your own web videos, but perhaps were worried about how that would affect the video production costs, or what video production company even offered a virtual presenter as a part of their video production services.

The good thing is that a virtual presenter is now a common part of the video production services of a video production company. More good news: Adding a virtual presenter to web videos does not increase video production costs by much, and it is certainly outweighed by the ROI, especially if you do not have a host for your promotional video on hand.