The Benefits of Running a PPC Campaign

What is PPC?

PPC, Pay Per Click or Google Ads are the websites you see at the top and bottom of Google search results displaying the Ad tag. The listings can also appear in other formats on Google’s network of advertising platforms.

These listings are different to organic listings in that your Ad is displayed in search results and you pay each time your Ad is clicked. These Ads can include a variety of additional extensions and contact options, further increasing the likelihood of attracting potential customers to your website.

Fast Results – The number one benefit of running a PPC campaign is that it can start generating traffic straight away. If you have a website up and running, you can set up your PPC campaign, start it running and it will display in search results as soon as it has been approved by Google.

Control over budget – With PPC, you can set a daily budget for your Ads campaign. Google may use more or less than this in a day to give you the highest number of conversions possible but over the course of a 30 day period, it will adjust automatically to ensure you remain within your set budget.  

When researching keywords within Google Ads, it also includes a recommended bid range, so you know in advance how much each click from that keyword is likely to cost. In competitive industries, the cost per click is likely to be higher and in less competitive industries, the cost per click is likely to be lower.

Your position in paid search results isn’t solely based on your budget or bid but a combination of different factors, so you may appear higher than your competitor that is bidding more. 

Target your audience – With Google Ads, you have the option to incorporate a variety of targeting options. Your Ads can be set to display during certain hours (great if you only want people to contact you during office hours) or to display to people in or interested in your target location. You can also choose to display to audiences based on what they are actively researching or planning. If you find that your Ads are particularly popular with a certain demographic, you can even ask Google to prioritise this audience by creating a bid adjustment (telling Google you will bid a little more for these clicks).

Measurable results – Every campaign you run on Google Ads includes measurable results. This includes costs, clicks, conversions and much more. In addition, data such as traffic by time of day, location, and demographics information such as age and gender are all included allowing you to fine tune your campaigns to get the best results.

Can run alongside an organic campaign – PPC Ads can either run alone or alongside your other online marketing campaigns. In fact, many people choose to run PPC Ads to start generating traffic while they establish their organic SEO positions. One of the great things about PPC Ads is they can be turned on and off at any time, so you can stop them as soon as your organic keyword positions hit the first page.

Some people also choose to use PPC Ads to target more generic keywords while focusing their organic on more descriptive longtail keywords.

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