Discovering Your New Advantage When it Comes to Online Marketing

Every now and again, you can discover something that you immediately recognise as something that you know can make a positive change in the productivity or profitability of your business. This type of event will make a profound impression, since doing business today, especially in an online venue, is far more involved than what company owners had experienced in years gone by. If you’re reading this, then you already know the value of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) when it comes to promoting your business in the huge arena of Internet Marketing and it’s a key element of your success. However, there have been a number of factors that have made this particular type of product/service promotion quite complex. So much so, that finding something that will take your efforts to the next level will make a particularly strong impact.

The Evolution of Online Optimisation

Due to the proliferation of websites that are in competition on the Internet, your most obvious advantage will revolve around the ability to stand out from the other companies. You can accomplish this in several ways, most notably by achieving a high ranking position on search engines – the most popular of which is Google. This will determine whether or not your website will come up immediately after someone types in a search term or phrase or if it will sit within the obscurity of page number five hundred something. By using the correct strategy, your brand awareness and site visibility will be significantly improved.

Because of the changing parameters associated with the way search engines judge the merits of each website, it’s basically a full time job when it comes to conducting an effective SEO campaign. If you’re like most business owners, I’m sure you just don’t have the time to study and track your search engine ranking on a day-to-day basis. That’s why site owners choose 123 Ranking. It just makes more sense to have a company with over 13 years experience take care of these things for you in a way that will get you the results that you’re looking for. However, in recent years, a new approach has been added to enhance the effectiveness of a website recognition campaign. This approach comes in the form of Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Effectively Using Social Media Marketing

At this very moment there are many thousands of individuals online, engaged in a variety of activities. You might be surprised at the number of them who are either talking about the industry you’re engaged in or have an interest in your industry. How would you like to reach these people? I thought so. Well, Google would also like your website to become more relevant to folks out there who could use you products and/or assistance. This is the primary reason why 123 Ranking has added a new feature in the form of Social Media Marketing packages that are now available. It’s truly an exciting development that we know will benefit our customers in many different ways.

Taking advantage of SMM through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other Social Media venues has now become something that doesn’t require hours of research and constant monitoring and developing. 123 Ranking has just made it possible to choose a customised packaged that will provide the marketing campaign services that business owners don’t have time for. This includes designing and setting up your basic company page on different social media platforms. We can also manage your Facebook advert, which will increase your website traffic.

This means that starting at just £75 (one-off fee), you can dramatically boost your company’s social presence on the Internet and move ahead of your competitors. Your services will specifically be tailored to meet your company’s needs, while integrating perfectly with your overall SEO campaign. In today’s competitive business environment, we urge you to find out more about our new services and become part of the social media revolution in marketing!

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