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Video Testimonials and The Power of Job Applications

Video testimonialsHave you ever wondered about the potency of Youtube and other video directories and how you might harness their power to deliver you great seo for your website?

It’s an interesting thought, but what about getting your customers to give you a written testimonial and getting it put onto video? Upload that video to the video directories and … bingo! … you’ve created effective links from some of the largest players in the social media playground.

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Why Social Media Marketing Spreads the Word

The reason why social media marketing is important is because these types of websites are growing in popularity amongst everyone. Facebook and Twitter websites, particularly, are places where lots of different people gather to discuss a topic they are interested in. For example, musicians were among the first to take advantage of this medium. It was another way for them to introduce their music. Continue Reading

SEO Services – Have You Got Your Facebook Page Sorted?

Facebook page designThe buzz is all about Facebook these days, right?  But how do you get from your profile to your business in one easy move, that doesn’t leave all your friends and family yawning with the number of posts you are making coming across their walls?

By setting up your business Facebook page correctly, you are going to be able to get the most from your marketing time.  Utilising seo techniques, use your keywords to write catchy, inviting headlines which draw your reader into the post, or direct them to a page on your website that addresses the issue you are highlighting. Continue Reading