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UI/UX development

UI & UX Website Development

Providing a great user experience is essential to the success of any website, regardless of whether it's an ecommerce website, brochure site, informational business website or any other type of site.
UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) development focuses on ensuring your website fulfils the user's needs, creating a flow through the site towards a specific goal e.g. making an enquiry or completing a transaction.
Focusing on user experience also helps to build a positive customer experience, which encourages brand loyalty and natural, word of mouth promotion.

At 123 Ranking, we have years of experience in analysing user behaviour and working with usability testing panels to gain insight into what makes a great user experience. This makes us perfectly placed to advise you on the changes required to improve your website, increase visitor retention and boost your conversions.

Structural & Navigational Changes

Improving the way your website looks and providing clear navigation is one of the easiest ways to improve user experience.


Websites that are cluttered in appearance, or have complicated menus risk overwhelming their visitors with irrelevant information that will make them click back to search results and visit a competitor’s site instead.


Our experienced team will identify and implement structural and navigational changes to enhance the site’s usability, allowing visitors to locate the product or service they require, and allowing Google to crawl and index your website pages more effectively.

Ecommerce User Experience

On ecommerce websites, a strong user experience is vital as your visitors are depending on the information you provide to decide whether to make a purchase or not. Everything from good quality images and detailed product descriptions to shipping costs and an easy to use checkout will play an important role in the purchasing process.


At 123 Ranking, we can assist in a range of areas focused on improving ecommerce user experience including:

  • Converting sites to ecommerce (shopping cart integration)
  • Improving or optimising your existing checkout
  • Investigating and resolving issues that may be causing abandoned carts
  • Improving mobile usability and speed issues
  • Creating new product descriptions

Content Optimisation

High-quality content not only boosts your website in search engine results, it helps to build trust with your visitors and encourage conversions.


Our team includes trained SEO copywriters with experience of creating content for clients in a variety of industries. Our copywriters work closely with our skilled developers to implement content optimisation including the set up and management of blogs and creation of new web pages.


Our team of SEO technicians can also identify gaps in your content and suggest ways that new content could be used to better focus on promoting a product or service in search results.

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