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Video Marketing – is it worth it? 

The simple answer is – yes.

Ever wondered how to truly attract your customers to purchase your products/services – but in an enriching and engaging way? Then explainer videos are a marketing tool that you need to add to your marketing toolbox!

Explainer videos are a great way to communicate to your audience in an inviting and favourable way to not only connect with your audience, but to educate them.

You can shape and mould your explainer videos to suit your branding, adding additional features such as a friendly, warm voice explaining who you are, what your company can offer others to aid their situation and how your service will work – providing important details with a neighbourly tone of voice/imagery.

You would have experienced explainer videos yourself, across a variety of channels but you may have not subconsciously acknowledged the video in depth. These forms of video are most popular for educational purposes and are extremely handy to break down complicated pieces of information into small, straightforward content – ideal for quick understanding and moving forward at a more accelerated pace.

What are the benefits of explainer videos?

There is a whole range of benefits when you utilise the art of explainer videos into your marketing plan. Not just pleasing to the eye and informative, explainer videos can provide your business opportunities to inform and grow.

It can be a difficult process to explain to your customers what your business actually does and that is where explainer videos come into action.

With a choice of either animated or real-life human actors, you will be able to provide that core partnership of both visual and auditory factors to create an enriching and educational experience.

Below are just a few key benefits that your business will establish when utilising explainer videos into your marketing plan:

Brand Awareness

By creating an explainer video, you are creating a piece of marketing that can be shared across a variety of channels – creating a higher level of brand awareness. From sharing the video on your social media to implementing the video in your next email newsletter and even submitting the video into your website design – an explainer video has many routes to take to spread the word about your business, educating your target audience wherever they see it.

Elite standards in the Industry

When your audience visualises your explainer video, they will have a much higher level of trust in your business. This is because you are showing them that you are an expert within your industry and you are the business to trust.

When you educate, you are sending an authoritative but approachable message to your audience, letting them know that you want to educate them while supplying a service. This aids your audience to understand what you are trying to inform them and they will be able to explain to others willingly about your company in an efficient way.

Greater conversion rates

traffic analysis

It is no surprise that when you implement video into your marketing – you have a much higher chance of creating higher conversion rates.

Think about it. By creating approachable and engaging explainer videos that provide key information and educate your target audiences, you are offering a friendly invite to research your business further and will be more inclined to convert.

Your video would have created the start of potential relationships with your audience, creating trust and confidence in your brand.

By creating a mixology of story-based videos, you will be able to introduce your audience to your business and have the opportunity to either create a new client relationship or sustain a long-term one.

Explainer videos give your consumers the opportunity to care about your business actions – making them want to be a part of your organisation.

Your consumers are more likely to purchase a service or product of your business if you have provided an engaging and friendly toned explainer video.

Can you afford to miss out?

Where should I position my new explainer video? 

Play iconSo, where you ask should you place your informative and attractive explainer video? There a number of opportunities to take advantage of in terms of where to market your videos.

Here are a few destinations to consider:

Website landing page

It is not a surprise that if you include a video on your websites landing page, it could increase your conversion rates by a total of 80%. It is also not shocking that Google actually ranks pages with videos higher than landing pages that don’t have a video submitted.

Could you imagine if that video is your explainer video?

Don’t miss your opportunity to engage with your landing page visitors and incorporate an explainer video in your website layout today.

Social media platforms

likeSocial media is one of the most popular routes that your audience will take in order to find your business. Even if you have created a modern bio, created some alluring image posts and even created some event invites – without the art of movement, your social media platforms will look stagnant and unappealing.

By providing explainer videos, you break away from that image.

Communicating with both visual and audible functionality, you are in a much better position to create a bond between you and your potential customers.

By targeting your audience on platforms that they use regularly, you are entertaining their ‘natural searching ground’ without been seen as aggressive or intrusive with your marketing.

Client proposal meetings

One way to really make your clients feel more at ease during a proposal meeting is to make the experience more visual-based. Why not produce a handy explainer video on who you are and where you want to take their business? Provide engaging key points and a great first impression!

Turn the meeting into an engaging experience, creating a higher chance of a successful result.

What is Video SEO?

video marketing

In short, Video SEO is a fantastic way to make sure your video is being shown in the right places.

By optimising your video, your explainer video will go through a process of indexing, which improves the ranking and visibility of your video via search engine searches.

By presenting a professional and structured explainer video, you will be able to separate yourself from your competitors, allowing you to be seen as an expert within your chosen industry.

With YouTube positioning second as the largest search engine behind Google – it is no wonder that explainer videos are becoming more and more popular.

What can your experts do for me?

Here at 123 Ranking, we have a team of specialists who will be able to guide you and assist you to choose the correct type of explainer video for you and your business. Whether you are interested in pursuing a video stock, character animation, 2D icon animation or screencasts – we will be able to identify the right choice for you.

Need assistance with your video script? Not a problem!

We offer script assistance to make your video hit the key points you want to provide your audience, allowing you to save time and have peace of mind that the professionals are taking care of your video marketing.

Contact our team today and enquire about your explainer video on 0333 332 6396 or send us an email at enquiries@123ranking.co.uk.

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