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You may have heard the term ‘SEO Copywriting’ mentioned by online marketers but may not have understood what it meant or the importance it possesses for the success of your business. In simple terms, SEO copywriting works by attractracting visitors to your website, building trust and providing a platform for you to really sell your product or service.

– High-Quality Content + SEO = The Art Of SEO Copywriting –

By providing your audience with compelling content that includes the right keywords, you will be able to assist Google in understanding what your business is and what products/services you are selling.

Example: A flower shop in a small city who offer letterbox deliveries.

If this flower shop has an online presence but it doesn’t include optimised, high-quality content that really sells the products, that is a huge opportunity they are missing out on. With the right content, they could advertise their services across the internet, creating a much higher level of brand awareness, attracting their target audience across the region and creating a higher number of conversions.

But it all starts with SEO Copywriting.

We begin with detailed keyword research to identify short and long tail keywords that will attract the right traffic to your website. Following Google best practices, we will then write content that helps you rank higher in organic search results.

By combining search engine optimisation techniques with copywriting, your web page can appear in the top 10 – positions guaranteed to drive traffic to your business!

Once on your landing page, you will be able to use your content to create even more growth for your business by demonstrating your expertise and authority within your chosen industry. This will build a higher level of trust for potential customers by providing all of the information they require in order to make their decision.

According to Nasdaq (2018), it is estimated that by 2040, 95% of purchases will be through eCommerce. So, it’s time to get your business noticed and advance to the next stage. 

If you have an ecommerce website, SEO content is critical to your online success. Remember, your visitors are relying on the content to tell them everything they need to know, from product dimensions to the country of origin, no detail is too small! We can craft all of this information into an informative piece of content that will encourage conversions and provide you with a great return on investment.

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