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Why Video Marketing?

So, you’ve carried out SEO on your website and Google loves you, but do you know what the second largest search engine in the world is? It accommodates 2 billion users a month and it can increase understanding of your product or service by a massive 74%.
It’s YouTube.
Video marketing can increase click-through rates by over 90%, and your website is 50 times more likely to rank on page one of Google with judicious use of branded video content.
YouTube is particularly popular on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, being responsible for 37% of all mobile internet traffic. With Google’s search algorithms becoming increasingly geared towards mobile users, this will have a significant impact on your search rankings.
90% of users say they have discovered new products or brands on YouTube, and 62% of businesses use YouTube to post videos. YouTube is also a great leveler in terms of online advertising, as businesses of every size get to share the same platform.
Are you ready to join them?

Key Benefits of Video Marketing

In addition to getting your business seen on the world’s second largest search engine, video marketing provides a host of other benefits…

Improve Your SEO
Help You to Engage With Your Customers
Make Your Brand Stand Out From Your Competition
Boost Your Online Presence
Tell Your Story in a Unique and Inspirational Way
Increase Your Conversion Rates
Video Marketing

Knowing Your Audience, from Leicester, the UK and Beyond…

We’ve done all the research, which is why we’re wholly confident in the effects of our video marketing service. We’re one of the only UK based companies offering a dedicated service, and we’ve seen it work first-hand. As bandwidth becomes cheaper and more widely available, the internet has become a more visual medium. That’s why SEO video marketing is so important: with 80% of visitors prepared to watch an online video vs. 20% prepared to read written content in its entirety, a dedicated video marketing strategy is essential.


As Leicester’s premier video marketing agency, we are well-placed to help you. Having seen this concept evolve over the years, we bring both experience and innovation to our digital marketing campaigns. We know that 60% of users will stop viewing your YouTube video if it’s over 2 minutes long, which is why we tailor our video marketing service to create videos that are brief, concise, and – above all – affordable.

Starting from only £250 (+ VAT).

A snapshot of what we offer

We can produce a creative and professional clip that sums up your brand and encourages your target market to engage with you. Here’s a summary of the kind of videos we create:

Product Reviews
Special Promotions
Whiteboard Style Videos
Video Blogs

Whatever your requirement, we’ve got the tools and expertise to create a video marketing plan that will suit your needs. We’ll create engaging videos introducing and explaining what makes your business truly special.

More Than Just a Video Stream

There’s more to YouTube than just a platform for your video content. It – along with its main competitor Vimeo – can be an effective social media presence for any business.


We can help you set up, optimise, and operate YouTube or Vimeo social media accounts. We can also integrate your video content into your wider social media marketing strategy, sharing your videos across Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business and more. This strengthens your brand, builds interest in your product or service, and helps you reach a wider audience than just visitors to your website.

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