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Guaranteed Traffic Generation

Pay per click (PPC) is an online advertising model that allows businesses to bid for listings in search results and pay each time their listing is clicked. Paid listings are managed through Google Ads, and the ads appear alongside organic search results.


If you’ve ever performed a Google search and noticed premium listings at the top and bottom of your results, each of those companies has included pay per click in their digital marketing strategy.


Now you can too.

Benefits of Running a PPC campaign

There are many benefits to including PPC as part of your digital marketing strategy. The results tend to be immediate. As soon as you have set up your campaign and approved your campaign budget, Google will start incorporating your adverts into their search results.
PPC is also easy to track and measure, with a host of monitoring options available. You can see how many visitors see your ad, how many click through to your site, and how long they stick around. You can also see which keywords offer a better conversion rate, allowing you to tweak your campaign later.
Speaking of which, PPC campaigns can be altered in real time. If you have a product or service that you want to push – flash sales and the like are a popular choice – or you find certain keywords are performing well and you want to introduce variations of them, you can do so, with immediate effect.
You can also use PPC to direct customers towards a dedicated landing page. With a landing page, you can focus on a single product or service, making it more sales orientated and steering visitors towards a contact form to gather leads in a fast and concise way.
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On Page Optimisation

Pay per click results aren’t just based on the amount of money you bid. By combining high-quality Google Ads, relevant keywords, and landing page content that had been optimised for user experience, you can improve your Ads quality score, achieve a higher Ad ranking, and boost lead generation.


123 Ranking can create optimised website content to help improve the relevance of your campaigns.

Google Ads Campaigns Explained

It’s important to know the terminology relating to Google Ads campaigns to undertstand how your campaigns are set up.  

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Campaigns are the main way your Google Ads are split into groups. If you think if it as being the main category, it helps to separate your products or services so everything in the Ads Groups is similar or related. Your Campaigns are also split by Ad type, i.e. Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, and Local Ads.


For example, your campaign could be clothing.  

Ad Groups

Ad groups are like sub-categories, allowing you to further split your products and services into more organised groups.


For example, your Ad groups could be Jumpers and Trousers.



For each Ad group, you will have Ads and extension, this is the information that displays in Google’s search results.


It is recommended that each Ad group has at least 3 Ads for the best results. Google Ads can include a combination of formats including responsive search ads that are auto-generated by Google using data you have supplied, dynamic search Ads that are auto generated by Google using data from your website, call Ads to encourage people to call you, or extended text Ads that are manually created.

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Extensions are additional information that is displayed in search results alongside your Ads. 


Ads extensions include telephone numbers, addresses, images, prices, promotions, additional brand or product details, and USP’s.

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Your Google Ads can be targeted to produce better results.


Targeting options include displaying your Ads to people located within specific locations and only showing Ads during specific time periods.



Negative Keywords

Just as there are keywords you want to include to attract relevant traffic to your website, there are negative keywords that you want to include to stop your Ads appearing in irrelevant search results.

Google will often display your Ads in associated search results, some of which aren’t going to convert, so it’s important to review searches regularly and set negative keywords to ensure you are maximising your ROI.

What 123 Ranking can do for you

As a Google Ads Certified Partner, we have much to offer our clients in terms of PPC management. We are the foremost PPC agency in Leicester, providing essential PPC services to businesses in the city and across the UK. Here are just some of the services we deliver:

campaign set up

Campaign Set up

Our team of Certified Google Ads Professionals will work with you to identify the best keywords and phrases to target. From these, we will create bespoke ads that focus on generating clicks and conversions as well as deciding the best targeting options (such as hours of the day and location) to get your ads in front of the right audience.
monthly management

Monthly Management

When you sign up for our monthly PPC management package, we’ll adjust your campaigns as required to ensure they perform effectively. We send monthly reports to show you the progress you are making, including traffic, conversions, and cost per click.

instant results

Get Results Fast!

With Google Ads, you can start generating traffic immediately. Once your keywords have been approved and the campaigns created, you simply allocate your daily budget, set them live, and Google will start displaying them straight away.

Our PPC Management Service

We offer a cost-effective PPC management service which will help ensure you are getting the most out of your online advertising.

Google Ads Campaign Set Up

Includes keyword research, ad creation, and targeting.

Monthly PPC Management

We will monitor your results and make adjustments as required to ensure you remain in front of your target audience. This may include setting negative keywords and creating new Ads.

Guaranteed Paid Traffic

Start getting impressions and potential clicks as soon as your account is set up.


Can run alongside any Organic SEO package or as a standalone service.

Peace of Mind

Let our PPC management professionals optimise your campaign while you focus on managing your business.

Monthly Reports

Get frequent updates on how your campaign is going so you can see the return on your investment. Reports include details of impressions, clicks, conversion rates, monthly advertising spend and much more.

Free Promotional Google Ads Vouchers
to boost your budget on qualifying new accounts
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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC or pay per click is a marketing method used by online advertisers where they bid to appear in search results and only pay when their ad is clicked.

With SEO, you pay for an ongoing monthly campaign to improve the optimisation and usability of your website, this improves the chances of your website naturally appearing at the top of Google search results. SEO tends to be more of a steady climb to the top and search positions can fluctuate due to a range of factors.

With a PPC campaign, you bid to appear at the top of search engine results. Combining high-quality ads with a great landing page experience and a bid within Google’s recommended range can quickly provide stable top of the page results. 

The main benefits of PPC are that it provides fast results, can be used alone or to run alongside other marketing techniques, and it provides measurable data so that you can see what works and what doesn’t.

No. We can create PPC campaigns for you as a one-off service, however, we do recommend that you take advantage of monthly management services to achieve the best results. Monthly management allows our team of qualified Google Ads professionals to monitor and analyse your campaigns and adjust as required to improve performance.

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