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What is a Google Penalty?

Simply put, a Google Penalty refers to the negative impact on a website’s ranking in Google Search. It can result from a change to Google’s search algorithm – the method by which Google determines the “quality” of a website – or, more frequently, from substandard practices by your SEO company or marketing team. Anything from poor coding and low-quality backlinks to plagiarised content or being too sales-focused can result in a penalty.

Why has my website disappeared from Google?

If your search page ranking starts to slip, it may be a sign that you have received a partial Google penalty, as they mark your site as less relevant.


In more serious cases, a full Google penalty can result in your site not showing up at all, as they remove you from their search results pages.


At 123 Ranking, we have experience in confirming whether a site has suffered a Google penalty. This includes reviewing several tools like Google Console, our own specialist software, and in-depth manual checks.


Why would I receive a penalty?

There are many reasons that a website might get penalised. Two of the most common are unnatural backlink penalties and misleading or low-quality content penalties.


A Backlink Penalty is normally incurred because of poor Search Engine Optimisation. If you work with an inexperienced SEO company (or worse, what’s known as a “black hat” SEO company), they might generate many backlinks for you in a short period of time that initially benefit your site’s rankings. However, this is rarely sustainable. These backlinks are often generated through spam directories, custom-built backlinking sites (known as PBN networks), or by spamming irrelevant links into blog comments. While certainly effective in the (very) short term, Google are quick to act on this behaviour by applying a backlink penalty.


A Content Penalty is something of a misnomer. Duplicating content on your own site will not result in a penalty – Google will merely disregard the duplicated pages and not index them separately. A duplicate content penalty is applied to content you have taken from another site and appropriated as your own. Other content penalties apply for things like auto-generated content, keyword-spamming, and misleading content that encourages users to take action under false pretences. Even too-heavy an emphasis on selling your product can result in a content penalty. Google’s remit is that sites in its search index must offer a positive user experience, and heavy-handed sales tactics don’t fall into that category.

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How Do I Recover From a Google Penalty?

There is no single, catch-all solution to recover from a Google penalty. With so many reasons for a penalty to be imposed there are, likewise, a broad range of options available to remove one. Finding the right solution for the specific penalty you have received can be both involved and time-consuming. This is why you should consider using a Google penalty removal agency.


Here at 123 Ranking, we take a holistic approach with our Google penalty recovery service. We perform a full technical audit of your website to diagnose the reason for your penalty. Once we have established this, we have the tools and the experience to put together a penalty removal strategy that will get your site indexed and ranking again.

Our Strategy

Full Website Review

We will complete a full review of your website to identify whether your website has been penalised, and if so, why.

Onsite or Offsite?

The review will help us to identify whether it is an onsite issue e.g. spam content, or an offsite issue e.g. low-quality backlinks.

Resolve the issue

We will then work to resolve the issue, this may require changes to the site content, or for our team to contact sites for link removal and submit disavow requests.

Reconsideration Request

We will then submit a reconsideration request, explaining to Google the steps we’ve taken to resolve the issue and asking them to remove the penalty.

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