SEO Tips and Hints to Get the Best From Your Website Rankings

We’ve spoken before about the importance of getting SEO tactics right, so that you can achieve those first page positions within the search engine results – see Top 5 SEO Optimisation Secrets for our top ideas .

I thought you might enjoy some more seo tips and hints that you can quickly and easily implement into your website for greater exposure in the search engine rankings.

  1. Make sure you have plenty of keyword-rich content that tells both types of visitor about your business. Search engine spiders are only able to evaluate your website through the use of text, so including plenty of information about your business, using your primary keywords will help those spiders decide where you site will rank in the organic listings.
  2. Include a blog as part of your marketing efforts, as your posts will be richly rewarded with positions in the search engine results, provided you use keywords in your title. These days a great platform for blogs is a WordPress blog, as you are able to get seo plugins that will greatly assist the search engines with their evaluation of the post.
  3. Keep It Simple! The easier it is for visitors to your site to read your information, the more likely it is that they will read further about what you have to offer, turning them from a surfer into a customer. Using bullet lists, highlighting particular keywords are among some of the ways to attract visitors interest and keep them reading.

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