SEO: Then and Now

In 1995 Larry Page met Sergey Brin at Stanford University. The two later collaborated on a search engine called BackRub which had an algorithm for ranking sites’ backlinks where links from sites with more “authority” and relevance was taken into account. BackRub eventually became PageRank with its industry standard Pageranking system. In 1998, Google was created, using the PageRank algorithm. Google really started to take off in 2000 when they introduced the Google Toolbar. The powerful PageRank technology and the Google toolbar gave users the most user friendly relevant search results. The PageRank technology and Google toolbar enabled Google to rise to the top position they still have today.

SEO Services

Early online marketers soon found the fantastic profit potential of the Internet. The importance of SEO services became quickly apparent. The need for efficient software and strategies were the inspiration for the birth of SEO Services. SEO Services by a SEO Company would allow businesses to spend less time on Internet marketing and more time on their business. An SEO company could allocate all its resources to Search Engine Optimization while constantly monitoring the ever changing Search Engines.

SEO Today

The Internet marketing business is multi- faceted complex, and rapidly evolving. The Internet marketplace is so huge most emphasis in SEO services is applied to segmenting and finding niches to concentrate on. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have huge markets yet to be fully tapped. A SEO company today must engage in a multi pronged strategy, with much more emphasis on mobile marketing, social marketing and video marketing.