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SEO Copywriting Services For Your Business Website

When it comes to running your business website effectively, a key component that is often overlooked is the written content. As Google’s quality algorithms become ever more sophisticated, the role of the professional copywriter becomes all the more important. Indeed, the quality of the writing on your site can make all the difference to how you rank in search engine results.

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Professional Content Creation At Affordable Prices

At 123 Ranking, our copywriters can produce content for the following:

  • Web Pages
  • Product Descriptions
  • Blogs & Articles
  • Google My Business Updates
  • Email Updates & Newsletters
  • Social Media Posts, Paid Ads, Company Profiles, & Bios
  • Google Content Penalty Resolutions
  • PPC Ads
  • And Much More!

The Role Of The Copywriter

Some businesses try to write their own copy for their websites. After all, it’s only a matter of writing down what their company does, or a description of their products and services. Of course, as with most things that seem easy, there’s quite a bit more to it than that.


SEO copywriting is an art form, neatly straddling conventional writing and marketing spiel. It requires an understanding of Google’s SEO requirements and a mastery of the English language.


Copywriting needs to do more than simply inform a visitor to your website – it needs to engage them. Good copywriting will draw in a potential customer and direct them to the section of your site most appropriate to their needs.

A Question Of Quality

But why is copywriting so important? It all comes down to quality.


Anybody can litter their web pages with a handful of relevant keywords and hope for the best. In the early days of the internet, that was often enough to get a high ranking in the search results. These days, Google’s algorithm updates focus on the quality of a site’s online content, with websites scoring highly for delivering a positive experience for the user.


Quality is measured by both the technical standard of the writing and by its content. Our seo copywriters carefully research all their content, creating fresh copy that will demonstrate expertise and authority within your industry. This helps you to build trust with your existing client base and engage more effectively with potential customers, as well as increasing positions in organic search results.


While targeted keywords remain an important consideration, Google can tell the difference between stuffing those keywords into a site’s content, and weaving them in naturally.


A skilled copywriter can maximise your search engine optimisation potential by incorporating keywords in an unobtrusive and natural manner.

Copywriting Services For Ecommerce Sites

If you run an ecommerce site, copywriting is an even more essential tool to success. Our copywriters will produce effective and engaging sales copy for each product you provide as well as broader category pages, designed to direct a potential customer to the specific product they are looking for.


Detailed and dynamic product descriptions are proven to increase conversion rates by providing detailed information to new visitors. Effective copy does more than just duplicate technical details – it aids in persuading customers that the product in question is suitable for their needs.

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Copywriting Services for Penalty Recovery

Google’s algorithms now focus on quality content that is original, well written and provides a good user experience. If your content does not meet this criteria, you may receive a Google penalty. Content penalties are usually issued for auto-generated, low quality or misleading content.


If you have received such a penalty, our experienced team of digital marketing experts can run a variety of reports to assess the health of your website and identify where content updates are required.

They will then work with the copywriters to implement the changes, including the right words in a natural way to reach your target audience.


Once the new content is in place, we will request that Google reviews and removes the penalty, allowing you to begin generating organic traffic again. 

Additional SEO Copywriting Services

At 123 Ranking we offer a wide range of SEO copywriting services including:


High-quality blog posts, created monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or as required. Our copywriters are all trained professionals with experience of writing for clients in variety of industries, located across the UK.

Social Media Content

We can create social media content for a variety of purposes including paids ads and posts. We’re also able to write descriptions for business pages on various social media platforms as well as personal bio’s for Linkedin.

What 123 Ranking Can Do For You

Whether you choose our copywriting services to support your SEO campaign, or as a standalone service, one of our professional copywriters will be assigned to your site to help build an engaging and readable platform for your business.


They will create unique and dynamic content for your site that speaks to your core audience. By keeping the content simple they ensure that nobody feels excluded from your site. By keeping it engaging, they ensure your visitors have compelling reasons to remain and investigate further.

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If you are looking to enhance your search engine optimisation rankings, you need to have more than an opening page advantage on any search engine. You need great copy to get the browser who has come upon your website listed on the search engine to go to your website.

Getting noticed is not enough. You need to get real online viewers to go to your website. Once you have attracted a number of actual visitors to your website, your online rankings will increase. You can not expect your rank to increase without getting real visitors to your website. And, without real visitors, you will probably lose your place in search engine placements. (more…)