If you are looking to enhance your search engine optimisation rankings, you need to have more than an opening page advantage on any search engine. You need great copy to get the browser who has come upon your website listed on the search engine to go to your website.

Getting noticed is not enough. You need to get real online viewers to go to your website. Once you have attracted a number of actual visitors to your website, your online rankings will increase. You can not expect your rank to increase without getting real visitors to your website. And, without real visitors, you will probably lose your place in search engine placements.

How to write great copy to increase your search engine optimisation rankings is to be sure and include in your websites name the actual product that you are selling. People who are searching for products will not be interested in word games or in fake advertising. Your company’s name should include something of what your company actually does. If you are promoting an article about a particular subject, your title and opening paragraph should also be on topic. By using words that certain search engines have listed as general and viewer friendly, you too can write great copy and increase your search engine optimisation.

Your search engine optimization is an online advertising means of getting more visitors to your website. When an online user goes to a search engine, he will look up the product or article that he is interested in by search for main keywords that are specific to his search. Your writing should be geared online to attract visitors by including words that are specific to your product or to your websites intent.

If you are selling products online, you can include some of those products in your opening sentence or in your subject area. Those opening sentences are perfect to show how your great writing can increase visitors by attracting them with your keywords.