SEO: A History

Search Engine Optimisation, is a by product of the modern day search engines and their incredible evolution. Google celebrated its 13th birthday in September 2011, marking another amazing milestone in ongoing development of Search engines. While Google is not the only significant search engine, its incredible popularity has made the term, Google, the most used synonym for “search engine.” More people say, “google it” than “search for it.”The Internet, search engines and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) do not have concrete definable birth dates. The precise definition of these terms differs with any expert trying to define or pinpoint their origin. Some say the Internet was born with the creation of the World Wide Web (Aug.1991), while others say it was much earlier in the 60’s when college academics would link their computers using FTP. The miraculous growth and evolution of the Internet, search engines, and SEO, really makes the importance of their exact origin insignificant. It is much more important to note the amazing development made by Google and other search engines in the past 15 years, than to pinpoint a crude simple version of the first search engine.

Search Engine Optimisation was developed with the exponential growth of search engines databases, the increase in the amount of users, and the ways users could benefit from the information that was searched for.

Early SEO strategies were basically limited to on page methods. In the mid 90’s the only thing to target in SEO was on page factors. Having valuable, relevant content, accurate HTML tags, and a few internal and external links was about all that you could do to maximise your results.