Planning Your Business Blog

123 Ranking - Planning Your Business BlogWe continually advise our clients to set up a blog and the responses are always the same, “But what do we write about?” Well, it can appear to be a “difficult” thing to do – until you start! I’ve read numerous articles and posts, mainly from the U.S., on how and where to start. I have to admit, some were great and others, a bit “over the top”. In this article, my aim is to help simplify things and get you started. I’m not an experienced writer, but I do know that blogging can be a critical tool.

So why write a blog?

A blog will help to keep your website content fresh and, subsequently, build brand awareness. If your blog is linked to your Facebook page, it will assist you in keeping your Facebook content current and, in turn, will increase your “Likes”. So, at that point, you’ve just killed two birds with one stone! You can then take a section of the blog post and add it to your Twitter account. If your Twitter account is linked back to your website, it will help keep your website content fresh with numerous “Tweets”. So you’ve now just ‘killed’ another ‘bird’!

Prospective and existing clients like to see an active company which is eager to engage with its’ clients and doesn’t tend to “shy away”. So, in essence, a blog is a wonderful way of doing this while conveying your message. It will show that you understand your industry and you’re to be considered an authority within your industry.

Blogs are a useful way of keeping clients informed of any new or existing products, services and, of course, promotional offers. As you can see, this can be an excellent way to increase sales, thus generating increased profit! I’m sure, at this point, you can see the benefit of finding out more about our new blog package.

So, where do I start?

First of all, plan your blog and know the direction that you would want to take. Then, lay out a rough plan on paper, or a calendar. Write down a minimum of 6 month’s (or preferably a year’s) worth of blog topics. Once you start planning, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find to write about. As an example, while writing this article, I realised that I need to compose a topic for our next ‘Awards’ category and write about the new social media packages that we’re offering in April!

But what if I don’t have the time to write, or if English isn’t my first language?

You may want to consider investing in a “ghost writer”, who can be tasked to write 350 – 500 words around a chosen subject. If you plan your topics in advance, it’s a great help and you’ll get the most out of your blog. However, you certainly don’t want it full of “search engine fodder”, which no one wants to read and waste their time with. You see, so far I’ve written about 480 words and I don’t even consider myself a writer! But in all seriousness, it pays to invest in a writer if you don’t have the time, the confidence or the ability to put something together yourself. A good writer will make your products and your company sound exciting and interesting, with a strong “call to action”.

So, how do I get started?

I have attached a helpful Infographic to help you plan your posts and keep them focused. Now that you have this information at your disposal, post some feedback, or drop me a line and I will send you some information regarding our new service offering for 2013. Even our resellers can use this to assist their clients. So don’t be left behind and take the first steps. Otherwise, you’ll never know how effective it can be, if you don’t give it a chance!