Rank 1 – Pay as you go SEO

Eager to get started, but on a tight budget?

This service is for smaller businesses or for those who are working within a tight budget. SEO is a very time-consuming process and requires advanced skills to secure top listings. More and more companies are now hiring in-house SEO’s which has created intense competition within most sectors.

Rank 1 – Only £99.99 per month

Our approach is to offer an SEO strategy which will gradually increase your rankings within the search engines but without breaking the bank. You will also be given access to our smart marketing toolkit which will allow you to view all of your website’s metrics.

What’s included in the plan

The first month payment will cover the initial set up using our online toolkit, plus…

Keyword analysis – keyword research from scratch so you can start ranking in search for terms you actually care about.
Backlinks monitor set-up – Monitor backlinks and track competition.
Google search console set-up – Analyse Your Website Performance.
SEO audit tool set-up – Analyse and track website issues.
Rank tracker set-up – Track local and global keywords
Toolkit set-up and logins

From month 2 you will have access to the toolkit and also receive 1 hour of expert SEO support each month to use on additional services. This could include:

– SEO audit review
– Website optimisation
– Additional backlinks
– Google local setup
– PPC optimisation
– Social media platforms integration
– Social media optimisation
– Copywriting
– Tutorials on the Smart Marketing Toolkit

The Smart Marketing Toolkit allows you to manage and audit all your online marketing efforts in one place.

Advanced dashboard

Advanced dashboard

Our advanced digital marketing dashboard gives you access to:

Rank Tracker – Monitor your websites’ SEO performance with our search tracker software, it takes seconds to set up keywords and see results. These results are updated daily, and you can even set up automated monthly reports. It also includes your Google Map Rankings so that you can track your Google My Business listings!

Ranking Tracker


Backlinks Checker – Backlinks are one of the major aspects to your SEO campaign. Without targeted, focused and relevant backlinks it will be impossible to secure decent search engine positions. Securing backlinks isn’t about the quantity it is about the quality of them, and as such, it is important to monitor inbound links to your website. Our tool provides you with a real-time and up-to-date backlink analysis.

Backlinks Checker


SEO Audit – The ability to monitor and analyse errors on your website is critical to your SEO success. This is why we provide you with an SEO audit tool which crawls your site on a weekly basis checking for errors such as 404 error, broken links and duplicate content. This Smart Marketing toolkit alone is worth £49.99 per month!

SEO Audit


Social Reporting – SEO should be combined with a robust social media strategy. Our system allows you to monitor engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube from one interface. Keeping track of your social media has never been easier.

Social Media Engagement – Our social media integrated platform allows you to post directly to all your social media channels from one simple interface. There is no need to login to each account separately to post messages or content. You can simply sign into your account and choose the channels you wish to post to. You can even schedule your posts in advance!

Social media reporting


360 Degrees Analytics – Our system also allows you to integrate your PPC campaigns such as AdWords and Facebook ads. This allows you to manage all your search engine marketing from one simple interface.

In addition, you can also integrate Google Analytics which will display behavioural metrics like visits, page views, time on site, bounce rate to demonstrate periodic changes and optimisations. We cannot emphasise the significance of integrating Google Analytics enough because it is the best way to monitor your digital marketing success and also will alert you of any problems such as high bounce rates, etc.

360 Degrees Analytics


Reporting – Our system allows you to set-up automated monthly reports. This is great if you don’t have time to log into your account each week or month. The report can be customised to include whatever metrics you require. It is simple, effective and most importantly will save you time.

If you are going to buy all of these tools separately, you would need to register with several providers at the cost of £240 a month. We are offering access to this powerful suite of tools for FREE as part of our revised Rank 1 package which costs £99.99 per month.

All support is available via our helpdesk. You can purchase additional time in quantities of 30 minutes at the cost of £45. Our scalable digital marketing service puts you in full control at all times and it is the most cost-effective way of competing with the big brands online.

You can stop the SEO support at any time but keep access to the marketing suite for just £49.99 per month.

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