The Ultimate Protection for Your Website and Your Visitors

In our continuing efforts to provide the best SEO services, 123Ranking, on behalf of our sister company, Free Virtual Servers is proud to announce a new partnership with StopTheHacker, an award-winning website security system that protects your website, your visitors, and your online reputation.


Why I need it?

Picture an example: you stayed over in a hotel, and while you were there someone broke into all the rooms through an unlocked back entrance, getting away with your personal possessions.  The hotel manager tells you the security staff were on a break and the security system doesn’t work any more.  Would you stay there again?

If your business is responsible for your customers’ personal information, and perhaps even their money, you have to take that responsibility seriously.  Failing to do this is likely to lead to a huge backlash if you are unfortunate enough to be targeted by hackers or fall victim to other online security problems.  Malicious code can attack your website and even your visitors if you don’t have any measures in place to stop it, meaning sensitive information is available to cyber-attackers and the hard-earned trust your customers place in you is at risk.

Don’t wait to find out the hard way, just trust us: your reputation is worth a lot more than the cost of protecting your website.

The Ugly Truth:
  • 30,000 websites get infected every day
  • 6,000 websites are blacklisted every day
  • 85% of malware comes from the web
  • 75% of hosted websites have vulnerabilities
  • Anti-virus and Firewalls are Not Enough
The Implications:
  • Your customers can’t access your website
  • Your customers’ PCs could be harmed
  • Irreparable loss of online reputation
  • Loss of SEO positions
  • Loss of revenue

How does it work?

StopTheHacker protects your site from attacks, but that isn’t to say it functions in the same way as the anti-malware software you should have on your computer.

It analyses dynamic code languages like PHP, Ruby, HTML, CSS and Javascript extremely efficiently, on top of standard functions like blocking traditional “.exe”, “.msi” and “.scr” attacks.  StopTheHacker significantly outperforms basic rivals such as Avast and AVG, since it’s around nine times more accurate when detecting malware.

In addition, there is the added advantage of StopTheHacker being completely hosted online. This means there’s no need to download or install anything into your computer, as it works remotely to protect your website 24/7.

Reputation Monitor

Daily monitoring of how your website is perceived on the Internet by checking:

  • Malware blacklists
  • DNS blacklists
  • Spam blacklists
  • Phishing blacklists
  • SSL status
  • Server reputation
  • IP reputation
  • Hijacked IP blacklists
  • Search engine blacklists

Find out if your site is blacklisted so you can fix it!

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Protect your website and your visitors with award-winning

Anti Malware Technology

Stop The Hacker

Key Features

1. Online Reputation Monitoring

StopTheHacker checks and monitors the status of your website on malware, spam and DNS blacklists, as well as various search engines (including Google, Yahoo and Bing). Our Reputation Alert package is perfect if you want an early warning system of any problem currently affecting your site. The sooner you know there is a problem, the sooner you can fix it. For a more comprehensive service, please take a look at our Malware Basic package which will check through your website and detect any malware or virus activity before it has a chance to cause you more harm, or get our Malware Pro package which will even perform an automatic clean up for you

3. Automatic Malware Clean-up

You don’t need to be a security expert or IT guru to protect your website using StopTheHacker. If it detects that there is malware on your website, the automated system will clean it for you. This feature also automatically creates a backup file before cleaning it, which gives you the flexibility to go back in time and have the original file recovered just in case the process yielded undesirable results. Nothing to lose, nothing to worry about!

2. Artificial Intelligence Technology

An artificial intelligence based engine with advanced self-adapting capabilities that constantly monitors new strains of malware and protects your online business from these emerging threats. In other words, StopTheHacker protects your website from both known and unknown malware, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

4. Facebook Protection

This is something you won’t get with any other anti-malware software. StopTheHacker doesn’t stop at only protecting your website against malware, but also protects your Facebook page against spam and scams. It scans and monitors all content posted on your wall and news feed. It uses the latest technologies to identify whether a piece of content is malicious or related to phishing. It will make sure your business runs smooth. Anytime, Anywhere!