Local SEO

Here’s the long and short on local SEO – if you’re not already implementing it, you’re already falling behind. It’s something that literally every business in the world should be looking into right now as it represents the very core of SEO as a whole going forward.

What is Local SEO?

Summarised as briefly as possible, it is the process whereby a website owner optimises its pages in order to increase its exposure in local search rankings.

In terms of why this matters, around 35% of all searches currently carried out as of right now return local listings. The acceleration of local search has been incredible and continues at record-pace – local search isn’t the future of SEO. It’s already here.

Primarily for its own gain, Google wants to know everything about everybody – location being a crucial detail. Even without searching for a specific town, city or locality, pretty soon you’ll find every search you carry out yielding local results. From cellular signals to GPS to IP addresses, it’s impossible to carry out a search without the search engines knowing exactly where you are.

So as a business, you need to choose your area of focus or risk being left out of these important local rankings.

A Few Statistics:

  • 12.5 billion local searches are carried out on Google every month
  • Over 30% of all searches are in some way local in intent
  • 95% of web users buy or intend to buy online
  • 80% of all consumer spending happens less than 50 miles from home

How Does Local SEO Work?

To see how it works, you need only carry out a single search for anything in any locality. To search for “restaurants in Knightsbridge”, for example, will bring back much more specific results than just searching for “restaurants” or “restaurants in London”.

As such, if you were running a restaurant in Knightsbridge, then to ignore this local optimisation could mean to count yourself out of the running for these kinds of local searches, which are fast heading toward the overwhelming majority carried out each day.

Small Business Benefits

This local optimisation is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses chasing success at a local level. The reason being that to use a wider optimisation strategy means to take on every other business in the country in the same niche. By contrast, focus on local SEO and your only competition will be the other local businesses doing the same – an infinitely more even playing field.

In addition, this is a comparatively affordable marketing strategy and has the potential to deliver an unrivalled ROI. You can assume that anyone finding you via local search already knows what they want and where they’d like to find it, meaning a much higher chance of conversions with every hit.

Why Choose Us?

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Google Map and Google Local Plus optimisation and online advertising

Google has been pushing the usage of both Maps and Google local plus. Regional searches now show a large list of regional results with links to reviews.

All our plans offer the optimisation and set up of existing or new accounts. We also have free guides on how to obtain reviews which are all indicators in getting your business noticed and ranked higher than your competitors.