Is Peach Just A Fuzz About Nothing Or The Next Big Thing In Social Networking?

The news has been full of stories and mentions this week of a brand new social network called Peach, and so far it looks to be fairly promising.  Their strapline is “Life’s a peach”, and the creators of this new social network may well have stumbled on to something that could catch on.

What is Peach, and where did it come from?

Peach is a new social media app which currently has a huge downside – it is only available for iOS devices and isn’t available as a website or an App for Android devices. It was created by Dom Hoffman who was the Founder of Vine, which subsequently ended up being acquired by Twitter.

Peach hasn’t yet reached the masses but it boasts several innovative features that could potentially change the landscape of digital marketing, content marketing and end user engagement, and it is receiving a huge amount of coverage and attention in the media>

What does Peach do?

Peach takes the best of Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram and combines it into a bespoke social messaging platform, and some of the most common interactions of people’s closest 100 friends in Facebook groups and messages – then it emphasises these features to interact with other Peach users.

Should businesses sign up to it?

Some of the interactions encouraged by Peach only make sense for close friends and family, for example, instead of liking a post Peach users can wave, blow a kiss or even “put a ring on it”. This is a much more intimate experience taking away the need to message someone, but it is also deeper than just a “like”.  Each post you share can be tagged with your contacts, just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For the moment the jury is out as to whether Peach will become another important social network for businesses and business owners to be on. It is best suited at this stage to individuals, sole traders and small service businesses who want to promote their services to the general public who may also be users of the Peach app.

Final thoughts

Peach is definitely one to watch in the social networking sphere, but its limitations mean that it will be a while before it is readily available to the masses. Once an Android version is released along with a website version Peach could become a serious contender in the world of online marketing. But only time will tell if Peach becomes the next Periscope or disappears quietly into the digital ethers like Ello or Meerkat.