How Do I Use Twitter?

If you’ve heard that using a social network or microblogging site can increase your online presence, you might also be wondering how to use Twitter. Twitter is the most popular microblogging platform online today and can be used for networking, business, sales and to increase popularity of a brand or service. While people use the Twitter service in many different ways, there are some tips you might consider to get the most out of your Twitter experience.

How to Use Twitter
Simply put, Twitter is a service that allows you to post a short, 140-character update about something that interests you. This update can be seen by all your followers in the Twitter feed. Tweeting is the term that refers to the act of posting on Twitter, and you can tweet first-hand accounts of unfolding news events, links to websites or pages that you find useful or updates on your progress with a project.

Rules of Twitter
In learning how to use Twitter, you will find that the rules are very straightforward and must be followed. Broken rules often result in terminated accounts, which can significantly interrupt your progress in creating an exciting and profitable network. The basic rules of Twitter include no posting of violence or hate, no trademark or copyright violations, no infringement on the privacy of others, no impersonation and no use for unlawful means.

Spam on Twitter
Twitter is often filled with messages that may be viewed with some element of spam, and overuse of spam techniques may also get your Twitter account banned. The rules of Twitter state that your account can be terminated for any of the following spam flags: following large amounts of users in a short period of time, using many more links than personal updates, or receiving a large number of complaints against your username.