Our Rank Elite customers receive priority technical support from our experienced technicians if there are any concerns or queries regarding their account.


With our Rank 3 and Rank Elite,  our clients receive a higher level of customer service, which includes a dedicated account manager who will exclusively look after your SEO campaign and ready to assist you any time you need help.


Our main objective is to get your website ranking as highly on Google’s search results as possible. In some cases we are able to offer the 123 Ranking Money Back Guarantee, under which you may be able to get from 50% to 100% of your money back if we fail to achieve an agreed number of first page positions on Google within a given timeframe. Any guarantees offered are at our discretion, all terms must be explicitly agreed by both parties when signing up, and no guarantees will be made against a specific keyword or specific position.

Please note that we may be unable to offer the money back guarantee if:

  • It has not been agreed before going ahead and agreeing to our terms and conditions
  • Your website is brand new (under 3 months old)
  • Your website has suffered a ban or penalty in the past


Keywords are an important element of search engine optimisation, as they are one of the criteria the search engine spiders use to evaluate the content of the website. We carry out detailed research into finding the most appropriate keywords for your website and business, based upon actual search information such as competitiveness and monthly search volume.

We recommend that you use your keywords throughout your content, whether it be in your blog, Facebook & Twitter posts or any other online communications. They help position you as an ‘expert’ in your field.


The back bone to your website being found on the internet is the optimisation. Great optimisation is rather like placing a postcode on your letter before giving it to the postman – it is a signpost that will speed the delivery to the correct address. In this instance we are looking to get the website to the first page of the search engines, across as many keyword phrases as possible to give your site breadth of exposure.

Our work is carried out to Google Webmaster Standards, incorporating the keywords and regions as appropriate, to signal the quality of information available on the website. Help your website have a voice that is heard by employing our skilled technicians to create their magic.


Once your website has been optimised, we will ensure it is indexed in all top search engines. Depending upon the plan you choose, we will continue to monitor and tweak as necessary at regular intervals throughout your time with us, generating reports on positions. We send out reports on a monthly basis to keep you abreast of developments.

On our Rank 3 and Rank Elite packages, we also provide logins for our reporting system so you can see the latest available rankings for your website in real time.


Help your website be found by using Google’s very own social conversation tool to best effect! Just as your own website can be optimised, so can your Google+ Map listing, adding more authority to your website’s SEO, as they are interlinked. Let us help you get the most out of the most important search engine of them all.


Building high quality, industry focused links is an important step in the process of optimisation, but it is a time-consuming exercise that if you do not know what you are doing, can have the opposite effect and be detrimental to the overall health of your website. All our link building is done manually, to relevant sites with good authority that can be passed onto your website through a link, rather like a referral from a trusted friend.

The spiders follow the link trail to your website and if they deem it to be a pertinent link, will pass on the authority. This gives the search engine spiders the confidence to place your site highly in the organic listings.


Our competitor analysis is our first step to establish the best strategy to achieve those converted first page positions. It is essential to understand what your main competitors are doing, so we can provide you with the correct advice and tailor our approach accordingly. We’re able to collate data about your closest rivals in a report that makes it easy to spot areas you can improve in.


Get ahead of the social media trend with your business. Facebook is a powerful search engine in its own right, and Facebook Pages dedicated to businesses are a great way to be able to interact with customers on a more personal level, as well as promoting your website. Twitter is also an excellent platform to enhance the visibility of your business. If needed we can include setting up your business on social media in your SEO package, to make it easier for you to start connecting.


Instantly generate high quality leads to your website with our lead generation service. Using Google AdWords, our team of professionals will set up a new campaign to specifically target your potential customers with paid text ads on Google’s search results pages. Our Rank Elite and Rank 3 packages include free standard set-up for your campaign, plus you can upgrade to monthly management and reporting to ensure your campaign is professionally optimised. In some cases we also offer promotional vouchers to help boost your budget. Terms & conditions apply, so please contact us to find out more.


Content is king! This is a golden rule in today’s SEO world, which simply means quality content above everything else.

Search engines value fresh, original content highly.  A blog or news page can be an excellent source of additional content, as well as a way to directly connect with your customers as a business.  A blog can help you transform from a faceless company into a relatable source of expert information in the eyes of your users.  Since you know your audience well, you can connect with people on a highly personal level through with a blog, and it’s all fantastic for boosting your SEO.

Blog Creation & Advice

We will ensure our Rank 3 customers are set up with their own blog and are provided with advice on how to get started with their content strategy.

Blog Creation & Management

Our Rank Elite package includes blog setup, plus we create high quality blog articles every month to keep your website content fresh and support your SEO campaign.

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A Performance Review is available every six months to our Rank 3 and Rank Elite clients. This is a comprehensive review of what we have managed to achieve for our clients so far, their account performance highlights and what is still to come. It will also identify additional ways to improve our clients positions and their brand awareness.


If you think you know your website visitors, think again! A website usability test video gives you real feedback from a real user. We set up a scenario for a tester that’s customised for your website, and you’re able to watch the recording back to see in real time what issues might be preventing your website reaching its full potential. This provides an invaluable insight and is exclusive to our Rank Elite package, or you can ask us about a video as a standalone service.


The reviews left by your customers can make or break your business, and can increasingly influence your SEO campaign, so it’s important to manage these where possible. On our Rank Elite plan we monitor reviews that are published online about your website and provide advice on how to get more positive feedback.


On all our SEO packages you will be invited to set up your own logins for our Client Area. This is where you will see the results of your initial technical review, as well as other important documents and guides. You can use this area to see what technical work is outstanding, as well as any potential areas for improvement we’ve assigned for you to work on, and you can communicate directly with our SEO technicians.


On our highest SEO packages, we can build you a simplified version of your website which has been optimised for mobile if needed. This is perfect if your website isn’t mobile friendly but you’re looking for an affordable way to avoid missing out on traffic from mobile users.

Unbranded Mobile Website

This is included with Rank 3 packages, featuring one page with a simple template design. This is free for the first year, and then costs a small monthly fee to cover the web hosting and content management system.

Branded Mobile Website

This is included with Rank Elite packages, features three pages with a template design to accommodate your branding. This is free for the first year, and then costs a small monthly fee to cover the web hosting and content management system.


Our all-in-one conversion marketing tool that analyses your website from a user experience point of view. Conversion marketing is essentially the art of turning casual visitors to your website into loyal users of your product or service. It includes various factors, which is why we offer a tool that can cover them all.

Conversion Genie includes features such as Thermal Hotspots, which tell you exactly where visitors are clicking and hovering. There’s also Eagle Eye recording which allows you to replay visits to your website so you can see how people are navigating through your pages. Want to know the weak links in your website? Conversion Chains will tell you exactly where customers drop off, so you can make the necessary changes to ensure they check out. We see the Conversion Genie as an encapsulation of the core conversion marketing techniques you need to ensure your website is tuned to perfection.