Gaining followers on Twitter

There are many ways of gaining followers on Twitter. You may want to manually discover people who are interesting to you or you can use a service to help add followers to your network. Since Twitter is based upon social networking, one of the best ways to go about gaining followers on Twitter is to follow people who are of interest to you, or who work in a related field. People tend to follow those who follow them. Therefore, if you follow several interesting ‘tweeters’ it’s likely that a majority of those people will follow you back. You might also discover some great followers from the many Twitter directories online.Who to Follow on Twitter
When creating your Twitter network and attempting to build a good base of followers, the main key that you’ll want to pay attention to it is who you are following. Determining who to follow on Twitter can be decided by what you’d like to gain by using the service. If you’re a personal user without a business angle, you might follow people who share similar interests to your own, such as music, arts and crafts or travel. If you’d like to use Twitter for business, follow people in your industry from whom you can gain valuable insight or with whom there may be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Twitter for Business
One of the best ways to make use of the Twitter social network is to use it to help promote your business. Whether your company or brand is online or off, you will benefit from generating buzz about your products or services. Do this by offering promotional discounts, coupons, location information, website overviews or informative articles about your industry.