Facebook Ads: Great Alternative to Google AdWords

No matter what business you are in, online advertising remains a force that can hardly be neglected with its growing importance in today’s field of digital marketing. As such, the launch of social media based advertising paved the way to new heights that businesses can reach out to their targeted consumers. One great example of this is how Facebook adverts are changing the game on how brands build their relationships with their clients on the Internet.

How Facebook Adverts Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Facebook adverts are ads that appear on the side of the page every time you browse Facebook, and also recently appear on the “newsfeed” area. These ads take the form of sponsored headers that introduce a variety of products and companies, usually related to your interests, pages that you previously ‘liked’, and even your browsing history. The ads contain a link that when clicked, will take you to the brand’s business page or an external landing page (e.g. the brand’s official website or sales page). In addition, Facebook ads could also consist of a convenient ‘like’ button which makes it easier for your customers or their connections on the social network to engage with your brand.

Facebook-Ads-smallIn terms of marketing advantages, Facebook ads are a great way to keep your advertising efforts targeted to the specific demographic you’re aiming to reach. Compared to Google AdWords, it serves as a cheaper and more unique way to boost your online presence. Unlike AdWords, Facebook Ads effectively narrows down your target audience using the information available from their profile (e.g. interests, activities, occupation, age, etc.). This allows you to specifically capture high quality traffic that are more likely to buy your products or services, even when they are not searching for it.

How 123 Ranking Can Help You

Setting up your own Facebook page is only the first step in establishing your online presence and if you want to successfully foray into Facebook advertising as well then 123 Ranking can also extend its professional service for you.

The set-up pricing for unmanaged Facebook adverts is at £150 and already includes customised artwork, professional marketing copy, audience targeting, and tracking codes set-up that analyse the performance of the ad. Managed adverts, on the other hand, come with the same basic fee as previously mentioned but with an additional monthly management fee from £75. Despite the additional fee, users will be able to get PPC/CPM Management and a monthly review on ad performance. Find out more about our Facebook Advert packages.