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The Company:

Edgy Productions produce and provide plays, musicals, and songs for primary schools. Their funny and vibrant productions are popular with teachers, students, and parents across the UK.

Written by experienced teachers, the productions are designed to be fun and stress-free, uniting the generations and celebrating the joys of primary school life.

Their productions cover a range of themes including history, science, myths, and fairy tales. Their nativity and end of year productions are especially popular but they also provide scripts for musicals throughout the year.

Industry: Education

The Project:

Edgy Productions were running a large e-commerce website to sell their products online. Although the website was still functional, it was almost 20 years old and the template was no longer supported, meaning the site could no longer be updated with the latest security patches.

As they continued to grow, the client wanted to ensure the website was robust and performing well without losing any of the functionality important to their business, and improve organic positions without any distribution to their existing client base.

Development Without Disruption:

The website was built using WooCommerce, an ecommerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce is a scalable solution that supports PayPal transactions as well as other payment methods.


To ensure there was no disruption to the clients’ business, we decided to build the new site around the existing WooCommerce set up; preserving all of the products, customer information and transaction history.

Edgy Productions Website

Future-Proof Design:

Edgy Productions are completely reliant on the ecommerce store for processing transactions, so being unable to update the site and install essential security plugins left the site vulnerable to hackers.


We built a new website that retained the companies’ existing branding whilst giving it an overall refresh and addressing the security flaws and performance issues they were experiencing on their old website.

SEO Strategy:

We have been working with Edgy Productions for many years and attained good organic keyword positions for them. As the site structure and onpage optimisation was effective, we decided to transfer it over to the new website.


During the website build, we ensured the urls remained the same, and the site maintained it’s original navigational structure, so no 301 redirects were required. Building the seo into the new website meant that Google didn’t need to rediscover the website links reducing the impact on keyword positions.



123 Ranking built an updated version of the clients website that maintained the essential features and payment functionality.


The new Edgy Productions website uses a current theme that allows them to update the website and maintain security.


The new theme also allows the client to easily update the website content, adding new products and information as the business continues to grow.

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