Driving Traffic To Your Website – An Important Part of SEO?

What is it we want as the main focus when we build our beautiful websites?  Do we just want to have a presence so that we can direct people through off-line methods to our website, or are we looking to be able to use it to increase our sales?  Knowing what we want for our websites as an end goal is a very important decision to be making for your site early on, as it will lead you to be doing different things at different times.

Is Your Site An Online Business Card?

You may not feel the need to do anything much more than create a website and get it “out there”, but how would you feel if by carrying out a few more steps you could get more visitors to the website that then contact you for information and help?

Be focused in your use of keywords and put plenty of text on your website and you will be indicating to those search engine spiders that here is a website worth promoting!  If you want to take it a step further, make sure that technically your website is in the best seo condition, so that the spiders can’t do anything other than place your website top of the positions!

Looking To Increase Sales?

Once you have got all the search engine optimisation work carried out, you will need to be concentrating on getting links leading back to your website.  Using social media such as Facebook and Twitter, blogging, social bookmarking and article marketing are all excellent ways of getting those all-important links back to your website whilst building your image or brand.

Have you got a shopping cart on your website?  Why not partner with Google in getting more sales.  This is a simple way of improving your profile with Google at the same time as getting more sales for your products.  From apricots to wine, wellington boots to Cornish Cream (a very important ingredient for a Cornish girl like me!) you can find it all on Google Shopping.

What about video testimonials?  Using written testimonials, get them put onto video and uploaded to Youtube and other video directories – perfect for getting links, traffic and attention.

Want more innovative, up-to-the-minute ideas that will get your website to the top of the search engine listings – then visit us here at 123 Ranking to find out how we can help you with your website seo services.