Google +1Right now Google Plus for Business hasn’t made its debut. Many bloggers have speculated that G+ won’t be pulled out of beta until Google Plus for Business is ready to be launched. On July 12, 2011, Google released a form in Google docs for businesses to fill out and get on the waiting list. They pulled the list the next day, stating that they weren’t ready to launch Google Plus for Business at this point.

The Google Plus for Business plan will go into beta soon, and it is expected to link to features such as Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Google expects that it will take some testing to get out of beta as they observe how different companies interact in Circles and Hangouts.

If you have thought about making your Google Plus account a business account in order to get a jump ahead on an SEO plan, don’t do it. Moderators have been consistent on banning these types of accounts. There’s a huge downside to getting a Google + account banned since it is linked into your Gmail, you could lose everything, including your email, Picasa account, Calendars, and Network; however, you can fill out your profile for Google Business.

SEO and the Google +1 Button

Now just because you can’t work the SEO magic on a Google Plus for Business account, doesn’t mean that you can’t get started with the Google +1 button. The Google +1 button is making huge progress in the world of SEO and social proof. If you haven’t installed the Google +1 button on your website, you should definitely look into it.

Right around the time that Google Plus came out, Google also discontinued their Real Time Contract with twitter to show twitter feeds in the SERPs. If you have a Google Plus account, the Google +1 button will show up in the SERPs if you are logged in to any Google account including Picasa and YouTube. Essentially, this may replace any of the functions that were discontinued with the Google Real Time function.