Horsecraft Gallops Ahead  With Top Google Positions


Horsecraft, is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of rocking horses. Horsecraft being a new business in a niche, but competitive industry meant that many of their keywords weren’t ranking on Google. They saw an opportunity to improve their online visibility through SEO and enlisted the expertise and confidence 123 Ranking offered.


After a consultation with the client to determine what they wanted to gain from their SEO campaign, we carried out a technical check on their website to see if there were any technical issues that would effect their search engine rankings. Once the technical check was completed a full SEO audit was carried out, which included comparing the market and their competitors to determine which keywords would drive the most traffic to their website.

Once all checks and analysis had been carried out,  a campaign strategy was put together which included on-site optimisation for the agreed keywords, as well as organic link building and a website usability test. The website feedback test was applied and recorded some interesting results with the site navigation and the product purchase process. Based on the results the client addressed all the technical and layout issues highlighted. 123 Ranking also set up and optimised the social media accounts and added social media icons to the website to increase online social visibility.


The majority of Horsecraft’s keywords are now being found within the first page of Google search results, which has increased their online brand presence.

Due to the increase in search rankings, the website traffic has increased by 76% since signing up in 2014.  While the bounce rate has decreased by 32% which means visitors are staying on the website for much longer, leading to an increase in sales.