Green Plan-It is a local business based in the Midlands offering secure and confidential shredding services and waste management. Since launching in 2007, the company has built up a great reputation for helping all types of businesses minimise security risks and manage their waste cost effectively. However, when they first became a 123 Ranking client they needed our help to boost their online presence and replace their website.


We started off by creating a brand new mobile-ready website for Green Plan-It, with a much more user-friendly design than what they started off with. Since they signed up for our most comprehensive package, the Rank 3, we have been able to implement our full range of services to help the website climb the search engine rankings. Over the past year we’ve worked with Green Plan-It on everything from their initial optimisation to creating a great promotional video.


Over the past year, traffic has been steadily increasing to the new website. This is no surprise, since we’ve managed to secure over 40 first page positions for Green Plan-It on Google! Thanks to some great optimisation and a well-rounded strategy covering all aspects of their online presence, over a third of the traffic to their website now comes from organic searches. We’re currently working on even more improvements to keep building up that great reputation and helping the traffic roll in.

Like Green Plan-It, we serve customers from a broad spectrum of different industries. Some have experimented with SEO before, while many have never even considered it. Whatever your budget and goals, we’d love to speak to you and find out how we can help you achieve what we’ve already done for our other clients. Simply get in touch here to speak directly with us today.