Custom Facebook Page Design – How To Use This Powerful SEO Tool

Custom Facebook Page design is all the rage these days with a real buzz around Facebook, and for the small business thinking of becoming more visible in this social media arena, standing out from your competitors is a must.

Making a solid impact upon a customer base is where any good social media campaign for a business should start. On the massive social media website Facebook, businesses across the globe are turning to customisation of their messages to better communicate with their customers. Savvy business owners know what a powerful SEO tool social media sites are, and that a custom Facebook page design is one of the best ways to reach out to potential, current, and former customers.

A custom Facebook page design is arguably the best way to use a social media website as a SEO tool. Rather than using a page similar to every other profile – business or personal – a customised page design conveys the message that a business is interested in its public persona and customer relations enough to spend the time to attract them. Facebook is free and therefore an excellent resource. However, many businesses treat Facebook as a throwaway resource instead of a SEO tool, losing potential customers rather than reeling them in.

By now it should be obvious that a custom Facebook page design is an excellent SEO tool to draw in customers. This is due to a few different factors. First and foremost, businesses that use a custom Facebook page design are rather rare. Using a customised page shows customers a business is up to date on the latest trends. Next, using a customised design allows customers to see at a glance what a business is about. Using Facebook as a SEO tool allows businesses to convey specific messages about their business, their employees, and the type of customer they want to attract.

Knowing how a custom Facebook page design will benefit a business is as easy as understanding the benefits of Facebook as a SEO tool. When customised, Facebook pages are instantly accessible to an entire world of potential customers. Rather than requiring customers to search out a specific business website, Facebook’s live feed updates itself, allowing the business to reach out to customers any time of the day or night. In addition, when a business uses Facebook as a SEO tool by implementing a custom Facebook page design, they are included in Facebook’s directory, allowing the world to access their page simply by searching the business name.

The live stream feature of Facebook is one of the most important reasons a custom Facebook page design should be used. This is a SEO tool within the SEO possibilities of Facebook, allowing a business to provide a steady and constant stream of contact with their customer base. This constant contact keeps the business in the front of the customer’s mindset. With proper customisation, a custom Facebook page design allows a business to remain at the forefront of the rest of the competition.

To successfully use a custom Facebook page design as a SEO tool, a business must find the right designer for the job. Businesses and designers must be on the same page when creating their Facebook page, or else the message to the customer can be lost. A designer who knows how to successfully manipulate Facebook as a SEO tool will be the best choice for a business.

When a custom Facebook page design is well designed and properly executed, it can be the most powerful SEO tool in a business’s arsenal.

Are you a business owner or manager who wants to use a custom Facebook page design to bring in new business? We can show you how to use Facebook as an SEO tool, taking your business to new customers.