Why Can’t People View My Facebook Business Page?

In short, your Facebook business page link may lead people to an error page due to:

1) Your page being marked as “Unpublished”.

2) Age restrictions that block logged-out users.

3) Country restrictions for people outside your region.

It’s easy to miss these things off when creating your page, but it’s also easy to identify and correct them.

Everyone interested in local or national SEO will probably acknowledge the amazing potential benefits of social media for businesses by now. One of the top items on your agenda should of course be creating a Facebook page for your brand or shop. However, it’s not just about filling in the information correctly and making it look attractive – a couple of crucial settings can easily be overlooked, meaning people might be unable to find your page at all. These are mentioned above, but how do you know which one is the problem? Here are the answers in detail.

Make sure your page is Published.

Facebook will provide a notification telling you if your page has not been published yet. To check, you can go into Settings near the top right corner when you’re viewing your page, and it should take you to the General tab. At the top you’ll see the option to set your page as Published instead of Unpublished. If you don’t, only page managers can see it.

Turn off age restrictions

Firstly, establish whether your page content or subject matter is inappropriate for children. If your business is linked to alcohol, sex or anything else that would be restricted in shops, you need to leave these settings switched on, or risk penalisation from Facebook. Unfortunately this means that if someone isn’t logged into Facebook, your page link will not work for them because Facebook cannot verify they are old enough to see it.

If you don’t need age restrictions, you should negate this problem by disabling them. From the Settings menu in the top right corner, again on the General tab, you can set the age requirements to Anyone (13+). Bear in mind that 13 is minimum age to have an account.

Turn off country restrictions

This is very similar to the age problem, as country can only be verified when logged in. Country blocking can be useful if you have a particular problem with spam from one region, but you have to use it sparingly to avoid blocking out valuable visitors. You can set “Page is visible to everyone” in your General tab under Settings to turn off country-based restrictions.