Can You Do SEO for Free?

If your business is just getting started with online marketing, you may be wondering whether you can do SEO for free. Of course, the answer is yes. The more important question is can you do it effectively? Here are some things to consider:


One of the main factors cited during SEO enquiries is a lack of time. Even business owners with a good knowledge of SEO often struggle to find time to implement the latest techniques and stay ahead of their competitors.


Business owners without existing SEO knowledge not only need to find time to optimise their website, they need to factor in research and learning time to ensure they are following the latest techniques correctly.


Just because you choose to keep your SEO inhouse, doesn’t mean it’s free!


Employing a full-time member of staff to deal with online marketing is often not a viable option for small businesses, especially during the pandemic when team sizes are being reduced.


Working with an SEO company is a more cost effective option, with monthly payments being a fraction of a marketer’s salary. You also get a fully experienced SEO technician working on your website, giving your business the best chance of appearing at the top of search results.


Another factor for many business owners is a lack of knowledge relating to the technical aspects of SEO and their website in general. As industry-leading experts, they focus their learning on their profession, and, when it comes to online marketing, they often don’t know where to begin.


Even Googling ‘how to optimise a website for SEO’ provides millions of results, so knowing which to follow can be confusing. As Google is constantly changing and updating their algorithms, information that was written only a few months ago can be outdated. 


Even when they land on a highly relevant article explaining the best techniques, someone new to online marketing may struggle to understand the terms used or how to implement the techniques. 


There are free tools available online but they tend to offer a limited view of your SEO progress before they ask you for a payment. Initially, some of these tools may be helpful to give you an insight into getting started but as you venture more into optimisation techniques, the more access you’ll require. Some of the popular SEO monitoring tools can costs hundreds of pounds for a subscription. By working with an SEO company, your site progress is being monitored on a range of tools as part of your monthly fee.

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