Brilliant Ways To Use Instagram for Your Small Business

Instagram-bizAccording to a year-end report by SumAll, Instagram is fast becoming the best social media service to use for businesses looking to expand their audience reach and growth. Moreover, the platform also enables better engagement along with generating a veritable sales boost for companies who have cultivated a relevant followers. If you don’t know how to best utilize Instagram for your company’s sales or marketing strategy, read on and get started!

As a New Marketing Tool
With more than 100 million active users, Instagram is a great avenue to create awareness for your brand and to draw in more clients in the process. One significant tool you can use for this are hashtags, which actually increase visibility to anywhere from 40% to 70% when incorporated to an image.

In order to adapt a particular trend to your company’s specific sales purpose, make sure to find an appropriate hashtag that’s in line with your marketing strategy and then incorporate pictures from your brand. As a prime marketing avenue, the app has enabled many companies to expand their growth to new heights.

As a Commerce Platform
Although Instagram is primarily known as a video and photo-sharing app, the recent months saw a new revolution but is also an e-commerce platform where followers can easily purchase through simple instructions – either by commenting and following through with a payment online using PayPal or calling in to have a posted product reserved and then picked up from the store at a set date.

Another alternative form that some online merchants employ is they let their followers provide their email via Instagram’s comment section and then they proceed to send them an invoice or through an online form that processes the orders. Either way, the app has given many businesses a flexible way of engaging and accommodating their customers for improved and higher sales.

 As a Way to Establish Brand Reputation
One of the best ways you can use Instagram is to affirm the brand you’re building for your business or product. To do this, you need to make sure your Instagram feed reflects the kind of things that endorse the importance of your brand.

When consumers feel connected to a particular brand, they’re more likely to stay loyal and be updated with all your other social media accounts. For businesses that rely heavily on web presence, this serves as a gold mine for customer retention and sales growth.