September 2019 Core Update
Last month, Google released the September 2019 Core Update, and, as was to be expected, website owners and SEO specialists around the world are already feeling its effects. So, how is it likely to impact on your site and its Google rankings?   What is a Broad Core Algorithm Update? A Broad Core Algorithm Update is exactly what it says on the tin – an update to Google’s core search algorithm that impacts across the
Understanding EAT and What it Means for Your Brand

Understanding EAT and What it Means for Your Brand

Posted by dani on  October 10, 2019

Category: SEO
At its heart, SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is about getting search engines to notice your online content amid the billions of similar pages lurking around the internet. While there are certain behind-the-scenes tricks you can apply to boost your site’s SEO, a key component of any successful SEO strategy is the content itself. Under the current Google acronym, the quality of any given website is determined by its EAT score. What is
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Grow Your Traffic With 123 Ranking

Posted by Team Easy on  June 28, 2019

Category: General
123 Ranking started in the year 2000, and we’ve seen plenty of changes in the SEO landscape since then. In recent years there has been a big shift away from using keyword rankings as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), and instead a bigger focus on traffic and conversions.   The reason for that is simple. Keywords fluctuate all the time and different keywords have different search volumes, and varying levels of relevancy for your site.
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What Can Google Analytics Do For You?

Posted by Team Easy on  April 8, 2019

Category: Google Analytics
Google Analytics can be an extremely powerful tool. It gives you insights into how visitors are finding and using your website but it is often misunderstood and underutilised, so let’s take a look at the system and what you can expect to find out from it.   Google Analytics tracks and reports on traffic to your website, and user behaviour on your website. It is widely used and when properly interpreted, it can help you
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Have you heard about the latest Google Algorithm change? On March 12th, Google released a Core Algorithm Change, which was confirmed a day later by the Google team. But what does this mean and how can it impact your website and your business?   What is the Google Algorithm? The first thing to understand is the way that Google ranks sites. The Google algorithm is the way that the search engine weighs up a huge