Black Hat SEO Techniques: What Are They?

Black Hat representing black hat SEOSEO is a competitive field because everyone wants better Google rankings. The number one spot in Google’s search engine rankings is what every webmaster is trying to attain. There are many different optimisation methods available to get better Google rankings including black hat SEO and white hat SEO.

Black hat SEO and white hat SEO are terms that people use to differentiate between honest hard-working webmasters (white hat) and people who try to get better Google rankings by exploiting the vulnerabilities of the search engines (black hat.)

Black hat SEO is a dangerous way to improve a website. It can be a quick trip to the top of the rankings but the stay at the top will be short as Google is quick to figure out when people are not using ethical SEO. When people think, “How can I improve my website?” they often want the quickest trip to the top; however, this quick trip to better Google rankings often includes back hat SEO techniques.

If this means doing things that are not ethical, they may still be willing to do whatever it takes. Black hat SEO includes article spinning, spamming blogs and forums and using profile pages to get better Google rankings. I will be honest with you and admit black hat SEO works. When you improve your website using black hat SEO, you will climb in the rankings, but you will lose those rankings eventually to websites that practice white hat SEO.

Google is always finding and closing cheats in SEO. Whenever they have a big algorithm change, the black hat webmasters complain because many of them have lost a lot of potential income. The webmasters who chose ethical SEO are safe from the algorithm changes.

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