Are You Making The Most Of Your Blog – 5 Tips To Improve The effectiveness of Your Business Blog

Have you taken the big step of setting up your business blog, but are now regretting the investment of time needed to really capture the attention of the larger world to your posts?  Let us help you improve the effectiveness of your business blog without adding to your work load.

Congratulations on taking that first step to helping your website seo, because in making the commitment to a blog you really are helping your website seo efforts, as the search engine spiders love fresh content!  Here are the Top 5 tips for writing great content that will get your business blog noticed.

Tip 1.  Headlines That Sizzle!
Write a title that really draws people into the blog post, something that hints at being able to solve a problem for your target market.  What problem can you solve for your audience, where you can show your expertise at being able to solve it in the best manner?

Tip 2.  Show You Have A Personality
Whilst you want to show your professionalism and ability to be able to handle the problem, you also want to find a way of writing that allows your own personality (or business identity) to shine through.  People will always do business with people they know, like and trust and in allowing your customers to see the human side of your business, you will make better connections, leading ultimately to more business.

Tip 3.  Entertain Your Audience
Give your audience a reason to want to come back to your blog.  Leave them wanting more information about your services or products, so that they click through to what you want them to once they have finished reading the blog post.  This call to action should be strong and use hyperlinked keywords which will attract the spiders and human visitors alike!

Tip 4.  Use Bulleted Lists and Short Paragraphs
You don’t need to write an epistle, less is more in the world of online communications.  We are a fickle bunch – if we can’t see immediately what we are looking for we click away to another site.  By making it clear quickly that this site is what your visitor is looking for, you will help engage their interest.

Tip 5.  Track Your Results
Use Google Analytics to track visitors to your blog, like you do for your website.  Knowing the stats will help you write blog posts addressing peoples’ concerns, write better posts, integrate better with your industry sector, become recognised as an expert in your field.  For instance do you know the bounce rate of your website or blog?  Do you know how to interpret this figure and how to use it to improve?

Want to get a blog set up, and managed, but don’t know where to start?  Let us help you with your business blog now, to have you blogging your way to success in the shortest possible time.  SEO friendly blogs are a great way to help your website find those coveted 1st page positions in the search engines.