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Experts in helping your business to grow

Low-cost optimisation

Our low-cost digital marketing solutions are perfect for start-ups, micro businesses and SME’s. We have over 20 years’ experience in helping small businesses to grow and expand.

Driving traffic for ROI

We don’t just focus on driving traffic to your website, we help you develop an onsite strategy to increase conversions, providing an increased return on investment.

proven results


As the founders of many successful businesses, we’re on hand to offer help and advice to help your new business succeed.



Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of SME’s, both locally and nationally, enhancing their online presence and building their customer bases.

About the company

Since 2000 we’ve been making the internet Easy for start-ups, established businesses, students, clubs, individuals, community groups and charities. We’re a Leicester business run by local internet experts and we take huge pride in what we do. We started out in SEO, engineering first page ranking capability into our customers’ websites to help develop and grow their business.


We then added hosting and website design to our service package, along with the web’s best site builders for those who prefer the DIY approach. We figured we’d take the lead by hosting websites for free – and we still do!


Today’s world is data-rich and time-poor – precisely where our unlimited cloud storage comes to the rescue and delivers incredible value for money.


This is why so many of our earliest customers are still around today – we’ve grown together and they’ve been recommending us from day one!


Combined with our sister company, Easy Internet Solutions we serve over 100,000 businesses in the UK with the number growing daily.

Easy Internet office

Meet the Team

These are some of the members of the team you might work with on your SEO project.




Mark is one of the owners of 123 Ranking. As the founder of several successful businesses, he enjoys helping start ups and small businesses to achieve their full potential.


Mark is an active supporter of the governments Disability Confident initiative, giving regular talks in partnership with the DWP (Department of Works and Pensions). Mark believes in employing a diverse workforce, and this has seen him named East Midlands IoD Director of the Year in 2019 as well as receiving awards for inclusivity.


Outside of work, Mark is a Trustee of LEBC and Co-founder of Access Rating. Mark is also the author of a highly-rated book.




Diana is one of the owners of 123 Ranking. She enjoys seeing businesses grow based on strategies and collaborative plans.


Her hobbies include gardening, dancing and working with the Rotary Club. Outside of work, she runs her own charity, Your Smalls Appeal, and loves working with Leading Ladies, Enterprising Women and Rotary projects at club and district level.



Social Media, Website Design, Video Marketing

Reni is our web designer, social media and video marketing executive. Being creative is what he really loves doing, and finding different areas to express that in social media, video marketing and web design projects. He finds successful campaigns really rewarding.


His hobbies include cartoon animation, music production and guitar playing, vlogging, photography, skateboarding, kickboxing, travelling, dancing, gaming and spending time with his friends.



SEO Team Leader, PPC

Dani is our SEO team leader and Google Ads Professional. She works with clients on SEO and PPC campaigns, creating optimisation, resolving technical issues and implementing the overall onpage strategy. She works with various other members of the team to oversee the campaigns and ensure they are performing well. She enjoys helping clients to achieve great keyword positions.


Her hobbies include binge-watching sci-fi shows, battling the bad-guys of Azeroth and beyond on World of Warcraft, listening to music no one has heard of and supporting the local Starbucks. Outside of work, she is often found feeding the neighbourhood’s stray cats.



Account Manager, Web Developer, SEO

Charles is our Web Developer, SEO technician and Account Manager. He works with clients to implement new features on their websites, resolve technical issues, implement their SEO strategy and oversee the progress of their campaigns. He enjoys creating online solutions for small businesses and individuals who are looking for a platform to express their products and services.


His hobbies include exploring the outdoors, camping, going for long walks and playing Video Games such as World of Warcraft. Outside of work, he is involved in the upkeep of numerous charity award websites based in the East Midlands & Manchester. Seeing the events happen makes him proud to be a part of it.



Account Manager, SEO

Mel is one of our account managers and SEO technicians. She works with clients to implement their seo strategy, and assists them with any issues they may be experienceing. She enjoys problem solving, and is great at identifying potential SEO issues.


Her hobbies include baking, dancing, reading, spending time with her family and friends, and solving puzzles.



Hosting Support

Ralph is a member of our hosting support team. He helps clients to set up/transfer their hosting accounts, register domains and resolve various issues relating to the performance of their website. He enjoys working with clients to help them begin the journey of creating their new website.


His hobbies include playing football, reading, cooking and travelling.




SEO Technician

Shierly is one of our SEO technicians. She assists clients with implementing their SEO strategy as well as working on off-page optimisation and linkbuilding. 


Her hobbies include cooking, drawing, gaming, jewellery making, listening to music and reading.




Kevin is our copywriter. He creates content for a variety of client websites and online marketing projects. He enjoys researching new topics relating to our clients’ industries and online marketing, and believes one day, his accumulated knowledge will help him to win Who wants to be a Millionaire?


His hobbies include binge-watching movies, reading graphic novels (comics), creating videos, cooking, listening to classic metal music and spending time with his family.



Hosting Support, Off-Page SEO

Karla is our hosting support and off-page SEO technician. She helps clients with hosting and domain management, as well as creating content for our off-page optimisation and linkbuilding.


Her hobbies include travelling, playing guitar, dancing, art and spending time with family and friends.

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