6 Ways to Improve your Product Page for Better SEO

You’ve all heard the saying content is king, so why is it so many e-commerce sites are overlooking their product page copy and simply using the standard manufacturer’s descriptions?

One of the worse things you can do on a product page is to copy and paste from the manufacturer’s website. Good, unique copy will stand out in the search engines and can improve your conversion rates because it’s tailored to your brand and is generally more informative and persuasive.

So what is the secret to producing great product page copy?


Let’s start with product names, the most important thing to think about is your user base, the names should reflect what your customers are searching for as this will maximise your SEO strategy. Your chosen description and names must be recognisable to customers and be displayed on your website with names that they can relate to. Don’t go in to admin overload, think about your SEO, what people are searching for and make sure your copy is unique and engaging. It’s easy to get caught up in using ‘samey’ copy.


You need a company voice and a writing style that reflects how customers will see you. Are you going to adopt a fun chatty style or is your tone going to be more serious? You need to devise a strategy to decide your tone of voice and ensure that this is carried through all your product pages and ecommerce channels so that your copy instantly recognisable, whether it’s on your website, Ebay or Amazon.


It doesn’t matter how good your copy is, if the customer can’t find the information easily and quickly it’s wasted. You need to define what level of importance your copy is in order to decide where it sits on the page. This decisions comes down to how often customers shop on the website, how much information is needed for that item and whether other factors come first, such as promotional offers and customer reviews. You have to present your content in a way that’s enticing and friendly to users.


Moving on from the positioning, this brings us to the key benefits and features of your products. Quite often you will be limited to a word count, therefore, it’s important to ensure that your priority is to provide customers with the key facts, price, benefits, but remember to add a creative spin to your writing to ensure it’s in-line with your brand’s writing style.

Copy Checks

It’s important to check everything and review it! Have you checked all content for spelling errors and typos? If your product name is spelt wrong it’s not going to rank and secondly it doesn’t look good to your customers. Ensure you check everything before you publish it. The next thing you need to consider is testing and reviewing the positioning of your descriptions. Don’t let your website go stale, make sure you keep on top of it by refreshing the content and finding new places and ways to position it for better engagement.

META Descriptions

Last, but certainly not least we come to META descriptions. These are actually invisible to your website visitors but they are extremely important. Many people leave the META descriptions blank or use the same one on multiple pages, but it’s essential you don’t do this! Make sure they’re unique and include a clear call-to-action, information about your service or product and a price guide. Make use of this space and pack out with useful information. You might use something like this:

‘We stock the new and refurbished computers from just £99 including free next day delivery – get yours now!”

Using content like this tells the website visitor what it is your selling, the price and that they can get free next day delivery, it also prompts them with a strong call to action.

Getting your copy right won’t guarantee that you’re going to make sales, but it will increase your chances. Writing genuine and engaging copy is a long process, but it’s worth it to make those all important sales.

If you think your content can be improved but aren’t sure where to start or don’t have the time to do it yourself, talk to us! We can take the stress from you and re-write your pages so they’re unique, deliver a clear message to your audience and achieve results.

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