5 Reasons Your Website Needs SEO

Now more than ever, online marketing is an integral part of any businesses marketing strategy. If you’re wondering how SEO can help your business, here are 5 reasons your website needs SEO.

If you're not on page 1, you're losing customers

Studies show that if you’re in the top 3 positions on Google, you’re likely to receive 40% of all clicks. Most internet users are unlikely to check Google search results past page 3.


If you’re not on the first page of Google, you’re not being found by potential customers. An effective SEO strategy can boost your keyword rankings, helping you to boost your sales or enquiries.

Organic SEO can be your main source of traffic

There are many sources of website traffic including paid ads, referrals and direct traffic, but the highest source of traffic in most cases is organic.


Google is responsible for 75% of all searches, so ensuring that you rank well in their search results should be the top marketing priority for any business.

High-quality SEO improves user experience

SEO isn’t just about adding some keywords to your site, it includes a whole host of other changes to improve site performance.


By implementing high-quality SEO, you resolve a variety of issues that can affect user experience including load speed, page availability, design, and navigation.

SEO demonstrates authority, expertise and trustworthiness

One of the major focuses for Google over the last few years is E-A-T, a set of guidelines used by Google assessors to rank the quality of a website.


E-A-T stands for expertise, authority and trust. Google aims to provide high-quality search results for all of its users, so websites that demonstrate a high level of E-A-T tend to perform better in search results.

SEO elements that demonstrate E-A-T include professionally written content, customer reviews, and membership logos. In addition to helping you rank better in search results, they also help to build confidence and trust with your website visitors.

Attract the right traffic and increase conversions

Professional SEO helps you to attract the right traffic by determining the most relevant keywords that people are searching for, and updating the website optimisation so that you appear in search results for these terms.

The increased relevance attracts visitors that are more likely to convert into a sale or enquiry.

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