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Google Confuses Users With Video Glitch

Google Confuses Users With Video Glitch

Many of us spend a lot of time on Google trying to get the right results to come up, and sometimes you don’t find exactly what you were hoping for. On the whole, though, Google is pretty good at directing us towards the right kind of content. If we’ve chosen to search for “Video”, our search results should be showing us video content, right?

Strangely enough, wrong.

What’s Google’s problem?

Google has been messing up its results recently when users use its Video Search function and directing users to pages that don’t seem to contain any video at all. In case you’re not familiar, Google allows you to select ‘Video’ when you run a search the same way you would normally select ‘Web’ or Images’. This option lists results from Google’s own YouTube, but also turns up choices from other video giants and any other relevant websites. Sometimes you’ll even see these results pop up when you run a standard web search, if the search engine decides you’re probably better off watching a video to find your answer. You can recognise these entries instantly as they’ll have a thumbnail featuring a ‘Play’ button in the corner.

But when you come to click on these thumbnails, you may find the page you’re taken to doesn’t even contain a video. Sometimes these pages have references to media content in the source code that are evidently fooling the search engine, but there are no animations to be seen anywhere. Other times you might discover the video lurking in a hidden menu after a lot of investigation, but often it’s simply non-existent. This can be a bit frustrating, especially after being presented with a misleading graphic promising a media clip.

How important is video for digital marketing?

Despite being called out publicly for this fairly easy-to-find error, Google has claimed it won’t be announcing any changes regarding the way it lists this content. For the time being, if you’re looking for videos to help explain something more clearly or simply for entertainment, you might be better off using YouTube or another platform that will actually pull up the type of posts you’re looking for. Google obviously isn’t prioritising user experience when it comes to video search, but we think they’re missing out on something crucial.

In fact, this issue reminds us of something else. Namely, there is still a lack of video content on the Internet, and it’s often nowhere to be found even when it seems like a glaringly obvious omission. Despite that, we’ve seen plenty of evidence to suggest this is changing fast. Video is by far the fastest growing digital marketing channel, as it’s becoming increasingly compatible with social media and mobile devices and is proven to be the most engaging form of content. This is logical when you think about it – why expect your potential customers to read a page of plain text when you could be grabbing their attention with dynamic visuals and sound?

Affordable video marketing that boosts your SEO

At 123 Ranking we’re doing what we do best by keeping our customers up to date with the latest SEO techniques, and that includes getting on top of the ongoing explosion in video marketing. We’ve been producing promotional videos for our clients for years, and we can create one for your business too, down to the finest details.

Our affordable promotional video package isn’t just for building quality engagement with users, but it ties into your overall SEO strategy by creating another great back-link that’s optimised and linked back to your website. Simply get in touch to find out how we can help you catch up with this exciting movement – you can give us a call on 0808 189 0208.

Top Social Media Marketing Trends For 2015: 7 Things To Make Sure You Know

Top Social Media Marketing Trends For 2015: 7 Things To Make Sure You Know

Ever heard of Social Media Marketing World 2015?  It was a huge conference set up by Social Media Examiner, where marketing experts gathered in San Diego to share crucial social media tips for business owners. Ever wondered what the best social network for business is?  How to engage potential customers?  To help you stay on top of it all, we’ve narrowed it down to 7 key points.

1. Video is the hottest form of content

57% of marketers are currently using video as part of their strategy, but 72% are already planning to use it more!  Facebook is fast becoming a major player, as you may notice the once-maligned native video player making more and more appearances on your news feed.  Short-form video driven by apps like Instagram and Vine is taking off as a quick and easy strategy that almost any brand can start experimenting with.

2. Visual content is vital for driving traffic

Anything you can do to add visuals to your social posts would be more engaging than plain text and links.  Original infographics and photographs are ideal, but mobile apps can also be extremely useful to help you come up with something to make your post stand out.

Some ideas for pictures include testimonials from customers, inspiring quotes, and featuring hashtags in your promo posters.  Try to make your post something people will want to share!

3. Be consistent, even if it’s not every day

Tweeting all the time can dilute your content and very rarely pays off, so it’s much better to go for quality over quantity.  Even if you post once a week to each of your channels, make sure your post contains plenty of engaging and helpful material.  This way, people will actually want to check for your updates!

4. Facebook is great for organic reach

The more people interact with your Facebook post, the more people it will be shown to, so it can grow exponentially.  Some experts suggest that hashtags aren’t particularly useful once you have established your page.  The strength of your writing and visuals is really the only key to getting more success on this network – you can even recycle your best posts later and see if they reach users who missed them before.

5. Pinterest is a powerful search tool

Some experts have mentioned the idea of Pinterest becoming the new Google!  While we think this is a bit of an exaggeration, lots of people actually use it as their primary tool for finding content. It also has the highest conversion rate of any social network. Longevity is key – if you pin something with the right keywords (not so much hashtags), it will turn up in search results for months or even years.  The platform is still something of an underdog so it’s the perfect time to hop on the trend.

6. Approach social media as a fan, not a salesperson

A great starting point is to take a step back and consider what your customers or fans are posting about and searching for.  People don’t come to your profile because they feel like spending money.  They just want to see more of what they like!  Entertaining and insightful content always works best to avoid looking like a faceless marketer, so experiment with behind-the-scenes photos and “throwbacks” that your fans can relate to.

7. Turn complaints into recommendations

Dissatisfied customers may use your pages to vent their frustration. If they do, remember that 71% of online complainers were disappointed with service they received offline. In other words, they’re coming to give you a second chance! If you take the opportunity to get their issue resolved, you’ll have some of your most vocal customers back on your side.

Facebook is by far the biggest platform for this, with nearly 75% of social media complaints being posted there. Grab the chance with both hands, as many experts predict customer service will be a bigger brand differentiator than price by 2020! Don’t forget, the last thing you want your customers to see is an unanswered complaint on your public page.

Staying on top of digital marketing can be tricky even for experts, but with a bit of guidance and our practical social media tips, anyone can start seeing results. Give it a try, or for more information just get in touch with us at 123 Ranking. We offer social media setup and maintenance services to help you out with the workload, and can even offer detailed training to help you master your channels. Drop us a line today and find out what we can do for you!