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Why It’s Important To Monitor Your Brand on Social Media

Why It’s Important To Monitor Your Brand on Social Media

Technology’s inescapable reach nowadays has made social media a powerful tool in creating a kind of virtual presence that has previously been unimagined. In addition, it has opened up new marketing opportunities that have enabled business breakthroughs that continue to push the envelope of how we further enterprise growth.

Unlike the old business mindset, its not just relevant business goals, creative brilliance or competitive positioning that enable brand success but being able to cater to your audience’s interest, which is what social media does. More than these reasons, however, there are more pressing motives why monitoring your brand’s online reputation is now a necessary plan of action.

Harnessing Trust Through Social Media

Basically, social media marketing is all about trust – what others say about your brand. The reason being is that people trust what others say more than what any ad from your company say. Engaging your audience is as good as an investment as your campaign promotions since it reaches people at a much personal level.

If you want to be able to understand the effect of your ad campaigns, all you have to do is tune in online and you’ll see whether your promotions have made a mark or not. A better marketing strategy is to always make sure that you generate positive discussions not just offline but online as well.

What Effective Social Media Management Is All About

Effective social media management lies in knowing what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, many people forget to keep this in mind, making them much more prone to mistakes than usual. Social media marketing success rarely happens suddenly and is more often than not, a learning process that entails a few misses along the way.

Just like most of the best content online is done by professionals, it is also more than likely that competent social media management is also best done by experts in the field who have seen and read it all. Having a one-man team do all the work, especially for startups, can mean that you’re betting on the long odds. Chances are, substandard skills will also result in below par and unsatisfactory outcomes.

Options in Managing Your Online Reputation

There is an abundance of tools that can aid you in monitoring how your business is faring online. These implements are pretty much diverse and can measure and analyse different aspects of your social media accounts. A few great tools that are great for beginners include HootSuite and Buffer, which are both popular since they work with a wide range of social media sites.

However, if you want professional results at the shortest possible time then you should definitely place your bet with a proven firm that can handle the job. As such, 123ranking provides competent social media reputation management that’s affordable and customisable to your company’s needs. Check it out here!

Link Building: Quality vs Quantity

Link Building: Quality vs Quantity

Link building is an integral part of maintaining higher rankings and healthy SEO. With latest updates on Google’s algorithm, it has been all the more imperative to pay attention to what really works and what doesn’t. Although link-building tactics are varied for the most part, what key differences do link quality and link quantity have? Should you aim for the former or the latter?

Bait or Strategy?

Link baits and manual link-building strategies are just some of the techniques used in the field of search engine optimisation. While link baits enable you to generate a large amount of links, it hardly leaves room for quality control, therefore resulting in links that are primarily without value.

On the other hand, manual link-building strategies are primarily based on an approach that curates links through link-requests from quality sites. This method generates high quality links and results in better visibility in a search engine results page (SERP).

Building Value Through Link-Building

Most link-building specialists and SEO experts will generally tell you to focus on quality and this is definitely true to a large extent. Since Google primarily puts emphasis on link popularity and domain authority within niches of search queries or keywords, it makes sense to invest in the value of your links.

Moreover, links from low quality directories, spam sites and blog networks can only do more harm than good since Google views over-optimisation of link profiles and anchor texts more warily. Typically, it will just remove a site from its index or send a warning if it believes that it has a suspicious profile. This is why you’re most likely better off placing your bets on quality links than settle on link quantity with dubious worth.

A Basic Principle You Should Be Following

There are a lot of SEO services out there that offer automated link building work that don’t deliver the requisite quality that Google’s standards currently abide by. What’s regrettable is that many businesses rely on these services to improve their web presence due to the fact that these campaigns are cheap.

Like the often-hackneyed advice saying that you get what you pay for, the risk of being blacklisted by Google does not merit going for bargain SEO services that do nothing to add value in terms of improving visibility for your site. This is certainly one lesson you shouldn’t learn the hard way since it will just end up costing you more in the long run.

123 Ranking Link Building Service

Establishing a simple and clear-cut plan for your SEO campaign requires the right expertise in order for it to be successful. A strong web presence can only be formed through authoritative links that demonstrates your credibility. At 123 Ranking, this has always been our philosophy in building links for our SEO clients.

If you’re looking to boost your current SEO campaign by building quality links to your website, our team of professionals can help you with our “Link Building Package” from as little as £150 per month.