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SEO isn’t just about the search engines

As soon as people hear the word “SEO” they immediately think about the search engines, spammy content and horrible landing pages; or they just look at you with a blank expression as they have no idea what you are talking about, which is often the case when I am asked what I do for a living. SEO is not just about the search engines, there are so many other important factors that you simply cannot ignore if you want your website to perform well and achieve the coveted first page positions. Continue Reading

Why directory submission services are too good to be true

Those amongst us that have been doing SEO for a long time will remember the days of getting your website listed in as many directories as possible to increase positions. However, that has not been a viable option for a long time and directory links are of extremely little value now; yet we still see so many individuals and companies offering directory submissions, directory submission software and other equally spammy services.

I’m not saying all directory submissions are bad, getting your website listed in top directories such as Continue Reading