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SEO: A History

Google's 13th BirthdaySearch Engine Optimisation, is a by product of the modern day search engines and their incredible evolution. Google celebrated its 13th birthday in September 2011, marking another amazing milestone in ongoing development of Search engines. While Google is not the only significant search engine, its incredible popularity has made the term, Google, the most used synonym for “search engine.” More people say, “google it” than “search for it.” Continue Reading

Gaining followers on Twitter

Twitter birdThere are many ways of gaining followers on Twitter. You may want to manually discover people who are interesting to you or you can use a service to help add followers to your network. Since Twitter is based upon social networking, one of the best ways to go about gaining followers on Twitter is to follow people who are of interest to you, or who work in a related field. People tend to follow those who follow them. Therefore, if you follow several interesting ‘tweeters’ it’s likely that a majority of those people will follow you back. You might also discover some great followers from the many Twitter directories online. Continue Reading

How Do I Use Twitter?

Twitter iconsIf you’ve heard that using a social network or microblogging site can increase your online presence, you might also be wondering how to use Twitter. Twitter is the most popular microblogging platform online today and can be used for networking, business, sales and to increase popularity of a brand or service. While people use the Twitter service in many different ways, there are some tips you might consider to get the most out of your Twitter experience. Continue Reading

Why Should Your Business Have a Facebook Page? Part 2 of 2

Yet another benefit of being on Facebook is that there are no age limits on the appeal of having a Facebook page. So, there are no age limits to your Facebook page customer exposure. People of all ages enjoy the consistent progress with which the Facebook page design advances within the technology. They don’t have to know how it works to know that it does work in ways that they like and can exploit. This goes for your business as well. Continue Reading