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Video Testimonials and The Power of Job Applications

Video testimonialsHave you ever wondered about the potency of Youtube and other video directories and how you might harness their power to deliver you great seo for your website?

It’s an interesting thought, but what about getting your customers to give you a written testimonial and getting it put onto video? Upload that video to the video directories and … bingo! … you’ve created effective links from some of the largest players in the social media playground.

We’ve had great success Continue Reading

Website Design and SEO Complete

So often, a new website comes hot off the designer’s press as a beautiful creation, but with no additional help to ensure that it gets found in the natural search engines, leaving frustrated website owners searching around for the answer to how they acquire new customers from their expensive new website.  So to get a small business website design and SEO complete is a rare thing! Continue Reading

Why An SEO Specialist Blog Can Help Your Google Rankings

Why An SEO Specialist Blog Can Help Your Google Rankings

The reason blogs have become so popular as a marketing tool is because Google loves blogs. Google rewards sites that incorporate new information constantly, upgrading the page with fresh copy. For this reason, blogs are the perfect forum for business promotion. By using SEO principles to catapult your site’s rankings, an SEO specialist blog can bring traffic to your site inexpensively.

With thousands of articles on the web pertaining to blogs and SEO principles, the task of preparing a blog for business promotion might seem like a project any capable professional could tackle. But the truth of the matter is, that using an SEO Specialist Blog makes more sense when you factor in the time it could take to get results. In the worst case scenario, a person who is new to SEO principles could actually harm the site unintentionally. Continue Reading

How a Great SEO Marketing Blog will Help your Business Flourish

How a Great SEO Marketing Blog will Help your Business FlourishEvery website owner wants more targeted traffic, and an SEO marketing blog is a proven way to achieve that goal. Learning the most effective way to blog to increase your traffic doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and it will help you to evaluate your goals and focus your marketing efforts. Building an SEO marketing blog will help you to provide an ideal experience for your customers, and carries a variety of other hidden benefits Continue Reading