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Driving Traffic To Your Website – An Important Part of SEO?

What is it we want as the main focus when we build our beautiful websites?  Do we just want to have a presence so that we can direct people through off-line methods to our website, or are we looking to be able to use it to increase our sales?  Knowing what we want for our websites as an end goal is a very important decision to be making for your site early on, as it will lead you to be doing different things at different times. Continue Reading

SEO Services – Have You Got Your Facebook Page Sorted?

Facebook page designThe buzz is all about Facebook these days, right?  But how do you get from your profile to your business in one easy move, that doesn’t leave all your friends and family yawning with the number of posts you are making coming across their walls?

By setting up your business Facebook page correctly, you are going to be able to get the most from your marketing time.  Utilising seo techniques, use your keywords to write catchy, inviting headlines which draw your reader into the post, or direct them to a page on your website that addresses the issue you are highlighting. Continue Reading

Business Blog Creation and Management

successful online blogBlog creation and management can be a fantastic online marketing strategy which can really help your business find a foothold in the increasingly competitive marketplace of websites and natural search engine positions.

What is a Blog and why do I need one?

A blog is an online journal where you can write about anything you like.  Using one for your business is a great way of interacting with your customers, suppliers and other people who are important to your business. Continue Reading